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The service to a black young lady was horrible and the extremely unprofessional to her. I was planning on bringing my bridal shower here. After I witnessed them refuse to get in contact with the owner when the young lady requested was honestly disturbing being that I had just received a wax from the owner herself.They are prejudice to people of color and that’s is unacceptable. I would not suggest visiting this nail salon. The experience was completely horrible to witness and not once did the young girl become rude or disrespectful. Such a shame. I really enjoyed visiting . However I’m a firm believer in treating others how you want to be treated and with morals and respect.
I visited this place on a couple of occasions. When I returned on my second visit, I was unable to get the same attended. So I was assigned to someone else. When I inquired about the price of service that I wanted, the young lady was extremely rude!! She literally shouted at me when quoting the price of the service. I was under the impression that this was a professional business establishment, and the pricing was the same for the same type of services they were offering. So, when noticed another costumers nails, I was interested in how much it would cost to get the same service for myself. I must have upset her with my questioned of pricing! Because she got up and refuse to complete my nails. Another nail technician had finished my service. Once I got home, I notice that around the edges of some of my finger had cuts, as if she was using the file to close. Please use caution when visiting this place! The atmosphere seem pleasant, but there is a nail technician in there that really does like her job!! "P.S. second chair to the left when you walk in the door". Sincerely shaken up customer!
Showing this picture after 3 whole days of wearing $65 full set of ombre dip powder nails did they come off and this isn't the first time. I gave 2 stars because they give q decent pedicure
They rushed to do my feet I kept letting them know I didn’t like it and wasn’t paying until I was satisfied and the young man who did them had attitude the whole time drop a polish bottle on my feet and didn’t apologize I only got a polish change and toes cut down $45 a waste of time and money highly don’t recommend
I've gone to this salon for about 2 years now & always love my nails. Today I'm very disappointed. It was busy which is expected but I had to wait over an hour & watched 2 other ladies get service before me. When I stated that it was dismissed. One could have had an appt but I know for sure another was a walkin . All I ask is that all customes are treated the same.
Terrible costumer service told me if I cut my nails shorter it would be cheaper so I did and she told me after they were done they weren’t short enough to drop the price even tho idk how they can get shorter. I specifically asked no jell and she does jell after telling her multiple times. When I told her I didn’t want it after she started she said it was too late. Forcing me to pay more. The website says 35 for a short regular set. She charged me 55.
I was a little upset that I had to have my old nails cut off and removed and start all over again. But my nail tech explained why and it turned out into a pretty good experience. I'm very picky when it comes to my nails cause I always spend a great amount, so I want what I like and expect it to be as so and I think she understood that with doing my toes first.
Any how, with it being my very first experience there I do plan on going back. I forgot her name, but she works at the first nail station on the right when you first walk in. She did a good enough job, was patient with me and took her time. I did not get that rushed, attitude feel at all. Like the many nail salon I have visited. There's is very unique and different ambiance about it to. Your first drink (YAS THEY SERVE DRINKS) is free (including alcoholic beverages) and whatever else you order there on after of course you have to pay for it. They even have little pedicure chairs for the mini me's. It's awesome.
Waited over an hour for a 10, maybe 15 minute pedicure. No leg massage, at all. I know I should have left, but they put us back at pedicure chairs. We even called before we arrived to make sure no long wait. Has happened before but thought would try again, NEVER AGAIN!

Quick Facts About LUXURY NAILS & SPA

LUXURY NAILS & SPA has both strengths and weaknesses, as indicated by the comments provided. In terms of strengths, customers have mentioned that they generally love their nails and have had good experiences at the salon. The salon offers unique and different ambiance, and they serve drinks, including alcoholic beverages, which adds to the overall experience. The pedicures they provide are described as decent, and they have special pedicure chairs for children, which is seen as a positive aspect.
However, there are several weaknesses that have been pointed out by customers, which need to be addressed. One major concern is the poor customer service experienced by several individuals. The staff has been described as rude, dismissive, and having a bad attitude towards customers. This includes shouting at customers when questioned about pricing, refusing to complete services, and dropping a polish bottle on a customer's feet without apologizing. Excellent customer service is crucial for any business, and these incidents should be taken seriously.
Another issue that has been raised is the long waiting times. Customers have reported having to wait over an hour for a pedicure, even after calling ahead to inquire about wait times. This can be frustrating and inconvenient for customers, especially when they see others being served before them. The salon should work on improving their scheduling and efficiency to minimize wait times and ensure that all customers are treated equally.
In terms of pricing, there have been complaints about inconsistency and lack of transparency. Some customers have mentioned being quoted different prices for the same service and feeling tricked into paying more. This can damage the trust between the salon and its customers. It is important for the salon to have clear and consistent pricing policies and to communicate them to customers accurately.
Another concern raised by customers is the lack of professionalism and quality in some of the services provided. There have been instances of nails coming off after only a few days, and cuts being made around the edges of fingers during the service. These issues reflect a lack of attention to detail and expertise in nail care. The salon should ensure that all technicians are properly trained and maintain high standards of professionalism and quality.
Additionally, there is a serious accusation of racism and prejudice towards people of color. One customer witnessed the staff refusing to get in contact with the owner when a black young lady requested assistance, indicating potential discriminatory behavior. Such allegations should be thoroughly investigated and addressed by the salon to ensure a welcoming and inclusive environment for all customers.
In conclusion, while LUXURY NAILS & SPA has some strengths such as good nail services, unique ambiance, and serving drinks, there are several weaknesses that need to be addressed. These include poor customer service, long wait times, inconsistent pricing, lack of professionalism, and the serious allegation of racism. The salon should take these concerns seriously and work towards improving their business practices to provide a better experience for all customers.

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