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128 S Point Blvd, McDonough, GA 30253 United States of America
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My experience of getting a pedicure here was horrible and what I feel like unfair and a customer rip off . I paid for a deluxe pedicure which included a foot mask and “massage” (which is the part I mostly look forward to being that I stand on my feet a lot). The nail tech only applied the mask to my leg nor did she give me a massage as advertised. She only applied lotion at the end, rubbed it in for about 10 seconds and that was the quote on quote “massage”. When I spoke to who I’m assuming to be the owner he stated that the foot mask is only applied to the legs, not the actual foot which is very misleading and unheard of. If that was the case I would have just booked for a basic pedicure.
As far as the work, it was also horrible. The paint was extremely uneven, not smooth AT ALL and to make matters worse the nail tech had to take off the nail paint completely and let another nail tech correct the job which resulted in a longer stay. You do not get what you pay for at this establishment and they expect for you to pay for bare minimum/poor quality work. So unfair to the consumer, I will not be back
I got my Christmas nails done today by KIM and she did a FABULOUS job!! She is so precise and detailed and so professional and sweet!! You MUST go and let Kim do your nails for ALL occasions!! You will not be disappointed!! I HIGHLY recommend Kim at Lush Nails!!????????????
Guy completely rushed through my pedicure. He almost forgot to do the back of my feet until I said something. My toenails are not smooth and to top off my experience, there was a roach that crawled next to my chair. This is my usual spot but I will not be coming back.
First time here. Sat me at Tom's station, no waiting!
Tom took his time to remove ALL my old acrylic, not leaving tiny spots of paint on the edges to be covered up; like other shops have done repeatedly.
Tom was very patient & polite. He made sure he knew what I wanted as he proceeded. Very professional.
I asked for thin acrylic overlay... he did just that! Not thick n bulky looking. I'm highly satisfied.
And his own examples are on display at his station and they are gorgeous!
Although it's a drive, I will be back!
I am really disappointed with the service today. I came in for a fill and pedicure with gel polish; which was fine until I complained about the gel polish being bumpy and uneven. The lady who did my nails was very pleasant the first time I requested her to fix my nails, but unfortunately the polish was not smooth at all on a couple of my nails. So by the second time, I asked the front desk if someone else could fix my nails and he told me no, and that she would do it again. So I asked for a refund, to which he told me no. He sent me to the same lady who did my nails (and who tried to fix them) and she ended up cutting me with the drill to remove the polish. I went to same guy at the desk and told him that she cut me, and finally he said that someone else could do my nails. At this point I asked for a refund, because I’ve never had to get a simple gel polish coat fixed three times. His response was still no. I paid $98 plus tip which brought my total to $113 and I walked out with unfinished and poorly executed nails. I will not be coming back and I will be reporting this business for negligence.
Walked in, was greeted and actually HEARD when I asked for my quirky requests. Very professional, accommodating, friendly, and great gel pedi and callous removal. Wow!!! Best place I’ve been to so far. I’ll be back. Also very clean, relaxing and spacious … could’ve fallen asleep. I’m impressed.
I started going here once I moved in the area a few years ago and I’ve never had the same type of service whenever I go. Sometimes I’ve gone and got good customer service but poor nail work & vice versa. Also, I noticed the prices are always changing, what price I paid one visit for the same exact service was different. The hours online aren’t the same as what they are when you get there. All around I’m just really disappointed with this place.
Pretty decent, I always enjoy my pedicure here. The prices are up there if you aren’t used to them. Their prices are close to Atlanta prices where some place’s pedicure start at $50. So I’m okay with price here. I always get gel and haven’t had an issue. Even if I walk-in with my two girls services are always timely and good. I avoid trying to go during busy times because I know it’ll be packed and rushed. Overall, the experience is always nice and I like that sometimes I can work while getting my pedicure plus they offer you a drink which is nice.

Quick Facts About Lush Nail Bar

Lush Nail Bar has received a mix of positive and negative comments from customers. In order to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the establishment, we will analyze the comments and categorize them accordingly.
1. Skillful and Precise Technicians: According to one satisfied customer, Kim provided a fabulous job on her Christmas nails. She praised Kim for being precise, detailed, professional, and sweet. This demonstrates that the staff at Lush Nail Bar have the skills and expertise to deliver quality services.
2. Clean and Relaxing Environment: Another customer expressed their satisfaction with the cleanliness, spaciousness, and overall ambiance of the salon. They mentioned that the environment was relaxing and that they could have fallen asleep. A clean and comfortable environment contributes to a positive customer experience.
3. Accommodating and Friendly Staff: A positive review highlighted the professionalism, friendliness, and accommodating nature of the staff. The customer felt heard and their quirky requests were taken into consideration. This indicates that the staff at Lush Nail Bar prioritize customer satisfaction and are willing to meet their needs.
4. Timely and Efficient Service: A customer mentioned that even when they walked in with their two children, the services were always timely and good. This suggests that the salon can handle a busy environment and still provide efficient and timely service.
1. Inconsistent Quality: One customer expressed disappointment with the inconsistent service quality they received at Lush Nail Bar. They mentioned that sometimes they received good customer service but poor nail work, and vice versa. This inconsistency in service quality can lead to customer dissatisfaction and a lack of trust in the establishment.
2. Pricing Inconsistency: Another negative comment highlighted the issue of inconsistent pricing. The customer stated that the prices for the same service would vary from visit to visit. Inconsistent pricing can create confusion and frustration for customers who expect reliable and transparent pricing.
3. Poor Customer Service and Refusal to Compensate: A dissatisfied customer recounted an experience where they had issues with their gel polish and requested a refund. According to their comment, the customer service was unhelpful and refused to provide a refund. Additionally, the technician ended up cutting them while attempting to fix the nails. This demonstrates a lack of professionalism and a failure to address customer concerns in a satisfactory manner.
4. Rushed and Poor Quality Work: A negative review mentioned a rushed pedicure experience, with the technician forgetting certain steps and the final result not being smooth. Rushed and poor quality work can undermine the reputation of the salon and result in unhappy customers.
In summary, Lush Nail Bar has several strengths, including skillful technicians, a clean and relaxing environment, accommodating staff, and the ability to handle busy times efficiently. However, there are also weaknesses, such as inconsistent service quality, pricing, and poor customer service. It is important for the salon to address these weaknesses in order to improve customer satisfaction and maintain a positive reputation.

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