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Legendz Barber Shop

+1 520-889-4290
2848 W Drexel Rd, Tucson, AZ 85746 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Quick Facts About Legendz Barber Shop

Legendz Barber Shop has a mixed reputation based on the comments provided. While some customers praise the establishment for its professionalism, skillful barbers, and friendly service, others express dissatisfaction with the customer service and quality of haircuts. In order to thoroughly analyze the strengths and weaknesses of Legendz Barber Shop, we will examine different aspects of the business as mentioned in the comments.
One of the most noteworthy strengths of Legendz Barber Shop is the welcoming and respectful atmosphere. Customers feel comfortable and at home in the establishment, which contributes to a positive experience. Additionally, the barbers are commended for their professionalism and skill. They are praised for their ability to deliver fast but great service, ensuring that customers are satisfied with their haircuts. The affordability of the services is also mentioned as a strength, with several commenters emphasizing the great quality haircuts at reasonable prices.
Another strength of Legendz Barber Shop is its involvement in the community. The establishment hosts events throughout the year to help those in need, such as back-to-school giveaways. This community engagement is seen as a positive attribute that sets Legendz apart from other barber shops.
However, there are also weaknesses associated with Legendz Barber Shop based on the comments. One common complaint is the lack of customer service and the barbers' perceived disinterest or lack of motivation while serving customers. One comment describes the barbers walking around in a "zombie-like state." This poor customer service can significantly impact the overall experience and may discourage potential customers from returning or recommending the shop.
In addition to the customer service issue, there are mentions of "hideous haircuts" and dissatisfaction with the end results. While some customers received excellent service and were highly satisfied with their haircuts, others experienced disappointment. These negative experiences, even if they are not the norm, can impact the shop's reputation and limit its customer base.
It is worth noting that most of the negative comments are outnumbered by positive ones. This indicates that the negative experiences may not be representative of the majority of customers. However, it is still essential for Legendz Barber Shop to address the weaknesses and improve these areas to maintain and grow its customer base.
In conclusion, Legendz Barber Shop has several strengths, including its welcoming atmosphere, professional and skilled barbers, reasonable prices, and community involvement. However, the negative comments raise concerns about poor customer service and unsatisfactory haircuts, which can potentially limit the shop's success. To address these weaknesses, it is crucial for Legendz Barber Shop to prioritize training and motivation of the barbers to provide excellent customer service and ensure consistently high-quality haircuts. By addressing these weaknesses, Legendz Barber Shop can further enhance its reputation and secure a loyal customer base.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

The worst customer service possible! They will walk around in a zombie like state and give extremely hideous haircuts
I love this place and recommend it to everyone all the time! All the barbers are very nice, welcoming and respectful. I've been taking my little brother there for quite some time and he is always so happy with his cut. They are very professional and make everyone feel like home. They also do a lot for the community throughout the year with events to help people in need and back to school giveaways. That in itself is a big plus in my book!
This place is amazing. Very professional staff. Very fast but great service. Definitely would recommend getting your cut by David. If he's available. ALL BARBERS THERE ARE VERY SKILLED.
Been a customer for almost about a year now. Needed a haircut ASAP one day, found Zahid at Legendz and have never let anyone else touch my hair since then.
They’re professional, quick, and worth your money.
Excellent service from my barber Z and all other barbers. Been coming for years and never disappoint me. Great prices for great quality haircuts. My barber always gets me as soon as he can for an appointment and takes his time to make sure I’m satisfied with my hair. I really recommend this place !
My son wanted a cool fade design for his bday so I took him here after a lot of other places never being staffed properly. This place is fully staffed and was able to take my son immediately and were quick and did an amazing job and was $20 before tip. This helped my son have a very happy birthday so he could show it off to classmates. ???????? 10/10
Love this shop, everyone is always so friendly! Always greeted with a smile! Keep it up guys!
A friend referred me to this barber shop and told me to request Zahid. I made an appointment and got in quickly he did a great job with the fade and trimmed the top with scissors and also lined up my beard and mustache trim. Only $20 dollars it’s a great deal I’ll be coming here for my haircuts from now on.

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Appointments recommended


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