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6034 Shingle Creek Pkwy, Minneapolis, MN 55430 United States of America
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Tommy slays every time!! Always gets the shape the way I love it and he remembers what I like. He’s just the best, so talented, and priced the best!!
What I love about this place is that it is appointment only and they focus on you and spend adequate time. My pedicure was fantastic and relaxing. As far as aesthetic its not blingy by any means but I think the quality of service is more important to me. I’m excited to make this my official place after moving close by.
I have been going to Lady Nails for over a decade now. Tommy, the owner is such a genuine and kind person. Not to mention a master at waxing brows and doing acrylic nails. If you want thin, won’t break, elegant nails this is your place. This is your place if you want the rhinestones and stiletto, too! Since that decade I’ve grown out of that style ????
I’m new to Minneapolis and I seen great reviews for this location and I wanted to try it out. I called and asked about time they closed and i got confirmation they take walk ins I went to the location walked in. They owner was very rude, told me i never called and they don’t take walk ins because he was the only person there but it was clearly another women there and that who I spoke with. He said i maybe had the wrong location. Thank you bye. I hate rude people. Especially when I seen great reviews about the location, lost a new customer.
Tommy did an amazing job and he was super nice and funny as well. Felt super comfortable the whole time and the place felt very clean. Very reasonable pricing as well. Will be back next time.
Absolutely amazing service! I went to 2 or 3 places in this area until I found Lady Nails and now I don’t go anywhere else. They work extremely hard, make wonderful suggestions or nail art, are curious about your needs and speak very good English. I’m not going anywhere else!
I’ve been seeing Kevin for years. He ALWAYS does an amazing job with my nails.
I've been coming here for about a year. The lady who does my feet literally takes an hour to do it. There's no difference between the regular pedicure and the luxury pedicure because the price, and Tommy always tells me I need to learn to do my own brows so I don't have to pay him to do them???? Like without fail every time. Way to make your customers feel like you don't appreciate their business. Not only they but they don't do any designs and their color sections is limited.... I think ill find somewhere else to go from now on...

Quick Facts About Lady Nails

1. Talented and skilled staff: The comment from the first customer highlights the talent and skill of Tommy, the owner of Lady Nails. He consistently delivers great results and pays attention to his customers' preferences. This indicates that the staff at Lady Nails is competent and capable.
2. Customer-focused approach: The second comment mentions that Lady Nails is appointment-only, which allows them to focus on each customer and provide adequate time for their services. This shows that Lady Nails prioritizes customer satisfaction and strives to create a relaxing experience for their clients.
3. Quality of service: The second comment also praises the quality of service provided by Lady Nails. The customer mentions that their pedicure was fantastic and relaxing, indicating that Lady Nails maintains a high standard of service quality.
4. Longevity and experience: The third comment mentions that the customer has been going to Lady Nails for over a decade, demonstrating the longevity and experience of the business. This suggests that Lady Nails has built a strong reputation and has loyal customers who trust their services.
5. Versatile service offerings: The third comment mentions that Lady Nails caters to different nail styles, including both elegant and more extravagant options. This indicates that Lady Nails can meet the diverse preferences of customers, providing a wide range of services.
6. Reasonable pricing: The fifth comment mentions that Lady Nails offers reasonable pricing, which is attractive to customers. This suggests that Lady Nails provides a good balance between the quality of service and affordability.
7. Cleanliness and hygiene: The fifth comment also mentions that the place felt very clean, indicating that Lady Nails maintains a sanitary environment. This is important for customers who value cleanliness and hygiene in nail salons.
1. Rude customer service: The fourth comment highlights a negative experience with the customer service at Lady Nails. The client felt that the owner was rude and dismissive, causing them to lose interest in becoming a regular customer. This indicates that there may be issues with the professionalism and friendliness of some staff members.
2. Inconsistency in service: The sixth comment mentions a discrepancy in the quality and duration of the pedicure service. The customer felt that there was no difference between the regular and luxury pedicures, indicating a lack of consistency in service offerings. This may lead to confusion and disappointment for customers.
3. Limited nail design options: The last comment mentions that Lady Nails does not offer any designs and has a limited color selection. This may discourage customers who prefer more creative and unique nail designs, leading them to seek other nail salons with more options.
Overall, Lady Nails has several strengths, such as talented staff, a customer-focused approach, and a reputation for quality service. However, there are weaknesses that need to be addressed, including issues of rude customer service, inconsistency in service, and limited nail design options. To improve, Lady Nails should focus on training staff to provide exceptional customer service, ensuring consistency in service offerings, and expanding their range of nail designs and colors.

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