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Quick Facts About L L Nails

L L Nails Place, based on the comments provided, has both strengths and weaknesses. We will analyze each aspect in detail to evaluate the overall experience.
Strengths: 1. Beautiful salon: One customer mentions that the salon has a beautiful interior. This suggests that the ambiance is visually appealing and creates a pleasant environment for customers.
2. Pleasant staff: Several customers mention that the staff at L L Nails Place was friendly and enjoyable to interact with. Friendly staff can enhance the overall experience and make customers feel more comfortable.
3. Quick service: A satisfied customer mentions that they never have to wait too long to be helped. Quick service is valued by customers, especially when they have busy schedules and limited time to spare.
4. Affordable prices: One customer mentions that the prices at L L Nails Place are good, usually ranging from $35-50 per visit, depending on the design. Affordable prices attract customers and can help establish loyal clientele.
Weaknesses: 1. Inconsistent quality: A customer mentions that their nails had issues after visiting the salon on a Saturday, with nails needing more acrylic, chipping, and lifting. This inconsistency in the quality of work can be a major drawback for customers seeking reliable services.
2. Aggressive technician and poor customer service: A customer narrates a negative experience with an older gentleman who is presumed to be the owner. The technician did not listen to the customer's requests and ended up aggressively drilling and destroying their nails. Additionally, the customer mentions that attempts to fix the issue were met with further worsening. This highlights the importance of respectful and attentive customer service, which was lacking in this case.
3. Heat and injury: A customer mentions that during their visit, they experienced excessive heat on their nails, resulting in burning sensations. Furthermore, their sister was cut on the cuticle. These incidents demonstrate a lack of attention to detail and a disregard for customer comfort and safety.
4. Inconsistent pricing and poor workmanship: A dissatisfied customer shares their disappointment with the inconsistency in pricing, with different amounts charged for the same service. Additionally, the customer mentions various issues with the quality of their nails, including thick acrylic, glitter in the clear coat, bumpy texture, and hair and bubbles in the nails. The nails also started lifting soon after the appointment. These issues reflect poorly on the skill and attention to detail of the nail technicians.
5. Language barrier and unprofessional behavior: Another negative experience mentioned by a customer is the language barrier when dealing with the salon staff. The customer implies that the staff claimed not to understand English, despite previously conversing fluently while working on their nails. Furthermore, the customer states that the staff charged them more than the agreed-upon amount, and even added a tip without consent. Such unprofessional behavior can severely impact customer trust and satisfaction.
Overall, despite having some strengths like a beautiful salon, pleasant staff, convenient service, and affordable prices, L L Nails Place suffers from various weaknesses that significantly impact the customer experience. These weaknesses include inconsistent quality, aggressive and inattentive technicians, poor customer service, safety concerns, inconsistent pricing, and subpar workmanship. Improvements in these areas are necessary for the salon to provide a satisfactory experience to its customers.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

My daughter and I went to get a fill in for our nails so we decided to try this salon on Saturday. When I try someone new I tend not to get polish so I can see the quality of their acrylic. The salon is beautiful in the inside and the people were pleasant. My issue is the Sunday we notice that we had nails that needed more acrylic and some sides was chipping and lifting. We are both disappointed.
I have came here many many times over the past couple years, never had an issue. I always see the woman in there and she’s great. Today the older gentlemen (the owner I’m pretty sure) would NOT listen to me about the shape of my nails and then got annoyed that I was trying to explain it to him and started drilling my nails aggressively out of frustration and completely destroyed my nails. I even tried to have him fix it multiple time and he just kept making them worse. I ended up paying for both mine and my friends nails and sadly I will be soaking them off the very second I get home. He needs to it be allowed to do clients nails anymore he is aggressive and doesn’t listen.
Service was horrible. Nails were horrible. I had too much heat on my nails and it burned. My sister got was cut on her cuticle. I’m angry to the point where I almost went back and fought.
Save yourself from this torment. Don’t even risk it.
I tried giving this place another chance and they proved me right once again lol. My sister and I got the same thing and charged us both different prices. Told me $40 over the phone then charged my sister $50 and charged me $55. Looked far from the picture we showed them after insisting they could do it. Our nails look terrible. Super thick acrylic, glitter in the clear coat that we both pointed out and got mad when we asked them to fix it and just left it anyway, super bumpy, bubbles and hair in the nails. I just was in yesterday and the nails are already lifting, 4 of them are extremely crooked on my hands, the acrylic doesn’t go anywhere close to my cuticles. They look 2 weeks grown out and I just got them done YESTERDAY. Overall a terrible experience. When I called them out over the price she kept repeating no $110 and then said no English implying she cannot speak English but was speaking fine when doing my nails. Two different people did my nails, same with my sister. When she printed my receipt she decided to take it upon herself to tip herself and charged me more than $110 thinking I wouldn’t catch it. Unprofessional, rude and cannot listen to simple requests.
love this place! i never have to wait too long to be helped. good prices, i usually pay around $35-50 each time depending on design.
The worst experience I've had getting my nails done. The customer service was horrible. They changed nail techs multiple times.
My daughter and I really enjoyed this place today! Amazing massage with the pedicure and quality work!! We will definitely be repeat business!
I liked the staff and the prices were amazing but the end result had a lot of cut corners. I'll try again at a less busy time than a Saturday.
EDIT: changed from 3 stars to 2 because I'm actually bleeding

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