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L'Amour Beauty Salon

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765 Broad St, Providence, RI 02907 United States of America
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This is by far the WORST haircut of my life! There’s Absolutely ZERO Customer Service Skills & Professionalism! I will NEVER go back! ???????? I went in with hair length below my waistline and asked not to take off length but add layers (long layers)…. I even showed them a picture as reference…. I ended up with a BOTCHED HAIRCUT! It was SHORT & UNEVEN!!!!!!!!!!
I will NEVER go back even if it’s FREE or recommend this place to anyone else! I now have to pay a REAL Hair Stylist to try and fix it!
Unfair pricing. L-overcharged me for botox hair treatment, saying that my hair was "too thick" when in actuality it's on the thin side and neck-length!, I have kinky textured hair, so it only looks thick in an afro, which did not matter anyways because they still used minimal amount of product on my hair. It was unfortunate that I was not given the opportunity to discuss pricing clearly prior (something I always do, but didnt expect such treatment) to starting because L- was running late and the woman who was there said that she did not know. They had me in the chair with my hair washed by the time she arrived. I feel like I was scammed, L- definitely tried to nickle and dime me by continually asking if I would like other services so she could racket up prices, but she did not know that she lost a client right there. I will not be returning to this hair salon and I hope that other persons who are black take note. Like some else commented, this isn't the place for someone who is black.
La atencion fue buena pero el personal q se encarga de los colores y decoloracion no es muy Profesional q digamos les recomiendo actualizar sus metodos y estudiar las variables de la Carta de colores
Well i Google and called this place to do my hair i read all the reviews so far was good well i came and they told me asked for sonia and i did she my app was for 1pm I came at 12:50 she said if i can wait till she finish a person she was already working on I said sure no problem well another person came to get her hair done and i quess they knew each other long story short she told me if i can wait again for this person who just came I was I quess okay its already 3pm she did two people nñand made me wait then she tells me she hungry give her 5minutes I mean what can i say okay I dont want her be mad and mess up my hair so she goes eat almost 4pm now she nowhere to be found another person comes in yells her name she shows up tells me omg I am so sorry im mad now i didnt say okay no more I said are u ready now to do my hair she tells me yes and then tells me give her 1 minutes I sit in the chair she gone for about 20minutes now im more mad she comes back and start talking to someone else 5 minutes now its about be 5pm mind u I been here since 12:50 my app was at 1pm all this time i just got up and left never again will I go there añl i wanted was high lights
Muy buena atension y buenas peluquera. 765 broad st providence RI
Great service, Erie is very talented, she is sweet and easy to deal with. Nice haircut, super blowout. 5 stars ⭐️
Met with Erie. Amazing work!!! I have gone to top of the line salons, met with their best stylist and could not achieve even slightly similar results. For the first time in a long time I felt great again. Erie was kind and caring throughout the whole process as well. Making this thee best experience I've had in a very long time... HIGHLY recommend. Only thing is you might have to wait. She was worth every minute in the end!!!
I was a walk-in and wanted to get my hair done waited 5 minutes for some got completely ignored. Went to the hair supply section and looked for products received no help there either grab a product walk to the cash register the cashier wouldn’t even tell me what the price was just extended her hand and put the product in a bag She gave me my change and not even a good day. Worst customer service I have ever seen.

Quick Facts About L'Amour Beauty Salon

L'Amour Beauty Salon has a mix of positive and negative comments, indicating both strengths and weaknesses of the place. It is important to consider that these comments may not represent a complete and accurate overview of the salon, as they are based on individual experiences. However, by analyzing these comments, we can highlight some potential strengths and weaknesses of L'Amour Beauty Salon.
1. Talented stylists: Several comments mention the skill and talent of the stylists, particularly mentioning a stylist named Erie. The positive feedback indicates that the salon has at least one stylist who is able to provide great haircuts and blowouts.
2. Good customer service: Some comments appreciate the service they received at L'Amour Beauty Salon, mentioning kind and caring staff. This suggests that there are instances where the salon provides good customer service, making clients feel valued and comfortable.
3. Positive overall experience: Despite the negative experiences reported, there are also comments expressing a highly positive overall experience at the salon. These customers describe feeling great after their visit and recommend the salon to others. This suggests that L'Amour Beauty Salon has the potential to provide a positive experience for customers.
1. Poor haircut quality: The most common complaint about L'Amour Beauty Salon is the poor quality of haircuts. One customer describes it as the worst haircut of their life, with uneven and short results. This indicates that there may be some inconsistency or lack of skill in delivering desired haircut styles.
2. Lack of professionalism: Some comments mention a lack of professionalism among the salon staff. This includes instances of being ignored as a walk-in customer and a stylist being late and unnecessarily lengthening the appointment time. These experiences suggest that the salon may need to work on their professionalism and organization.
3. Price discrepancies: One customer mentioned being overcharged for a hair treatment, feeling scammed, and having the impression of being upsold on additional services. This indicates that there may be issues with transparency in pricing and a focus on maximizing profits rather than providing fair and accurate pricing.
4. Lack of diversity and expertise: There is a comment suggesting that the salon may not be well-equipped to handle black or kinky-textured hair. This indicates a potential lack of diversity in the services offered and expertise to cater to different hair types.
In conclusion, L'Amour Beauty Salon has some strengths in terms of talented stylists and positive customer service experiences. However, there are clear weaknesses in the form of poor haircut quality, lack of professionalism, price discrepancies, and a potential lack of expertise in handling diverse hair types. These areas of improvement may be crucial for the salon to provide a consistently positive and satisfactory experience for all customers.

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