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+44 1494 264302
124 High St, Chesham HP5 1EB United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About KINGZ BARBER

KINGZ BARBER has several strengths based on the comments provided. Firstly, they have a reputation for having very good barbers who are excellent at their craft. This is evidenced by the fact that the commenter has taken their 13-year-old son to the barber shop for his monthly haircut and has had positive experiences with three different barbers. This shows consistency and skill among the barbers employed at KINGZ BARBER.
Another strength highlighted in the comments is the friendly and polite nature of the barbers. This is important in creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for customers, especially for children like the 5-year-old mentioned in one comment. The fact that the 5-year-old enjoys getting his hair cut at KINGZ BARBER suggests that the barbers are able to create a positive experience for young customers.
The hot towel shave service is also mentioned as a strength. One customer expressed their satisfaction with this particular service, indicating that KINGZ BARBER excels in providing a high-quality hot towel shave experience. This can be appealing to customers who enjoy additional grooming services beyond a standard haircut.
Additionally, the long-term loyalty of customers is highlighted in one comment. The fact that one person has been using KINGZ BARBER since they opened indicates a level of trust and satisfaction with the service provided. This is further supported by another comment that states the commenter will continue to use this barber shop regularly.
The professionalism and courtesy of the staff is also mentioned as a strength. The fact that multiple comments express satisfaction with the behavior and demeanor of the barbers indicates that they prioritize customer service and create a positive environment for their customers. This can contribute to a pleasant overall experience for individuals visiting KINGZ BARBER.
Another strength mentioned is the quality of the coffee served at the barber shop. Although this may not be directly related to the hair cutting services, it adds to the overall experience and helps create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for customers.
However, there are some weaknesses mentioned as well. One customer mentions that the barbers at KINGZ BARBER do not know how to style hair, leading to a terrible haircut. This suggests that they may not specialize in intricate or more creative hairstyles, which could be a limitation for customers looking for specific styles or trends.
Despite this weakness, the positive comments overwhelmingly praise the barbers and the service they provide at KINGZ BARBER. The strengths mentioned, such as the excellence in cutting hair, friendly and polite barbers, hot towel shave service, long-term customer loyalty, professionalism, and good coffee, all contribute to the overall positive reputation of KINGZ BARBER.

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Very good barbers. I take my 13 year old son here for his monthly haircut and we have had 3 different barbers and all are excellent. My son enjoys coming here and the barbers are generally polite and friendly.
They don't know how to do style hair, then the guy just give me terrible hair cut. Very bad experience, never back again
Really happy with hot towel shave. Thank you
Been using them since they opened. Andy and his team always courteous and friendly. My 5 year old likes getting his haircut there too... another future regular.
Excellent staff, very friendly, service definitely first class. I have used this barber regularly and I will continue to do so, cannot recommend this place highly enough ⭐️⭐️⭐️????????
Great service and all the guys are professional and curtious. Would definitely recommend also good coffee ????????
Fantastic, really good haircut. Great service, came out feeling totally refreshed. Great coffee too. Thanks.
Been coming here for years Amdy and the team are great! Won't let anyone else touch my hair! Alex Sweet

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