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Harlet's Hair Style

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5610 Springwells St, Detroit, MI 48210 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Harlet's Hair Style

Harlet's Hair Style place has several strengths based on the comments provided. First, the salon is affordable, which is appealing to customers looking for quality hair services at a reasonable price. This makes it accessible to a wider range of customers, including those on a budget. Second, the salon is praised for its professionalism and excellent customer service. The staff is described as sweet and accommodating, creating a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. This contributes to a positive overall experience for customers.
Another strength mentioned is the quality of the hair services provided. Customers express satisfaction with their hair, stating that it looks nice and their daughters love their hair every time they go. This indicates that the salon is able to deliver the desired results, particularly for those seeking bone straight styles with bounce and luster. The positive results suggest that the salon has skilled stylists who are able to meet their customers' needs and preferences.
Additionally, the availability of Saturday walk-ins is highlighted as a strength. This is especially beneficial for customers who may need last-minute hairdos or are unable to schedule appointments in advance. The flexibility provided by walk-ins allows for convenience and ease of access to the salon's services.
However, the comments also mention several weaknesses of Harlet's Hair Style place. One recurring issue is the long waiting times. Customers mention that the salon can get super busy and it may take several hours to complete the service. While some customers attribute the wait time to the salon's popularity and the outstanding work done, others suggest arriving early to avoid the long waits. The waiting times may be a notable disadvantage for customers with time constraints or those who prefer quicker salon visits.
Another weakness pointed out is the lack of English-speaking staff. While the majority of the comments describe the staff as sweet and accommodating, it is mentioned that most of them do not speak English. This language barrier may pose difficulties in communication and potentially affect the overall customer experience. However, some customers appreciate the skills and results provided by the staff, despite the language barrier.
A few comments raise concerns about the salon's lack of focus on hair care and the use of potentially damaging products. One customer mentions that the salon does not specialize in hair care, leading customers to establish their own hair care regimens. Another customer expresses concerns about the use of chemicals in the shampoo and the burning and scratching experienced during the washing process. These comments indicate that the salon may not prioritize hair care and may not always use the best products for maintaining healthy hair.
There are also a few comments that mention negative experiences with the cleanliness of the salon and the lack of proper sanitization practices. One customer reports developing ringworm in their head, potentially as a result of the salon not cleaning their combs and equipment properly. This highlights a potential hygiene issue that could pose health risks to customers. Proper cleaning and sanitization practices are essential in any salon to maintain a safe and healthy environment.
In conclusion, Harlet's Hair Style place has strengths such as affordability, professionalism, and the ability to deliver satisfactory hair results. However, there are weaknesses including long waiting times, a language barrier with some staff members, a lack of focus on hair care, and potential cleanliness issues. These factors should be considered by potential customers when deciding whether to visit Harlet's Hair Style place.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I am new to the area and was not going to drive all the way to the east side to my usual place. they are affordable, professional, every lady in there spoke and was super sweet. my hair is very nice, and I will be returning. I have found my new spot. now the only con that I have is that it was super busy.( however with Thier amazing customer service and outstanding work I can't say I'm surprised) I got there about a hour after opening and it took about 4 hours to finish my service. I will definitely be there at opening next time.
My daughters love their hair every time they go. If you want a bone straight style they are with bounce and luster this is the perfect salon to go to. It is like a Assembly line inside this place but they keep it all in order and they get you out in a reasonable time.
This place has Saturday walk-ins which are great, especially for last minute hairdos.
Went to this salon for the 1st time Saturday...got there around 8:30 was out before 11am. ..staff are really sweet although most of them don't speak English...however I love my hair and the price was only 60 bucks. ..for a wash blow dry and style...your natural hair..I like how they did my hair..but they don't specialize in hair care..so you would have to get you a regiment going on your own..but I will stick with them to see results and growth
Ladies please be careful bring your own shampoo and conditioner and make sure you tell them don’t use anything else but that. They put perm in the shampoo I had a beautiful curl pattern and now no pattern. I was told by another customer they put chemicals in our hair. There is definitely some burning while washing and scratching my hair. Disclosure should be given if perm is used I was natural until after I start going here. I still go but I bring my own shampoo and conditioner and watch everything they do.
Been here a couple of times and it's a hit and miss. Workers should not talk negatively about the clients. Some of can understand Spanish. The last time I went, my hair they didn't shampoo my hair good at all. My scalp was white. The girl that was styling it was scratching it out.
I been going to this salon for years & haven’t had a problem with them however I just discovered by them not cleaning their combs & equipment properly, I developed ringworm in my head. They have to be careful with all the customers that come to their business.
Today I went with my cousin to get my hair done and I’m so very glad I did. My hair was so brittle and lifeless with very bad split ends. I knew I would have to start over. Tip is to always get there an hour before they open on weekends and especially before A holiday. So I expected to be there for a long time once she said we had 27 people ahead of us. Remember, my first time. They have a system and it took us four hours, but I will say one thing, they rocked their clientele in and out as fast as possible with great results and smiles. They have someone for everything, washing, separating in squares to twist, then straightening, cut and curl. I’m so very happy with my hair. It has life and it’s the softest it’s been in 10-12 years, I kid you not. Don’t be that person to not respect these hard working ladies. Bring cash to tip each person who touch your head. Just like you go to work to get a pay check, so do they. They work hard for a good tip. There isn’t a place anywhere that does your hair and you don’t expect to tip. Bring tip money. It doesn’t take much to show your appreciation for someone in your head taking care of you. And I guarantee your hair will be the softest and beautiful. They don’t disappoint unless you just that kind of picky person. Please don’t be distrustful!!! I even gave the press girl (it was her birthday a $10), but that’s just me. I made sure I tipped everyone. I do understand I waited that long only because it was the weekend and labor holiday. I will go on weekdays ever two weeks now that I know and get there early so I can get in and get out. Sometimes you may not understand them but be respectful and have patience and ask for someone to assist in what was ask. Don’t be rude. They are a beautiful group of ladies.
I come here every time I come to Detroit so they can slay my hair! I never had any issues! I get there as soon as they open and I’m in and out!

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