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Gentlemen's Corner Barber Shop

+1 315-735-4227
15 New Hartford Shopping Center, New Hartford, NY 13413 United States of America
Open Today: 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom
  • Gender-neutral restroom
  • Restroom
  • LGBTQ+ friendly

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My 2 year old was long over do for his first hair cut. I thought long might be the answer because I couldn't bare to chop curly, long red locks
When I tell you this barber was absolutely amazing with a screaming wiggling crying baby the process took about 40 mins but felt like a lifetime and he was so patient and persistent
I didn’t catch your name through all that Chaos but you know who you are!! Thank you Thank you a thousand times.
Always a good atmosphere and excellent haircut. Wait time is usually around 45 minutes, but every barber there is talented. Highly recommend.
Justin has been cutting my sons hair since he was little. Love the time he takes and how intent he is on pleasing my son, who is 9. He always looks fantastic afterwards. Thanks again for another great cut!
Very disappointing, overpriced, all around dissatisfied. I asked my barber for a low fade and a little off the top, something along the lines of this photo, and I received a buzz cut. I had relatively long hair before coming to this barbershop, and I wasn’t looking to shave the top completely, but I came in with maybe 5-6 inches of hair and got it cut down to 1-2 inches. The barber spent 40 minutes shaving the side of my head, and there was literally no fade to be seen, mainly because he shaved it all off. I tried giving different barbers a chance in the past but I’m never impressed with the results. If I could give a 1/2 star I would, definitely not spending 3 hours waiting in line or my money their
I stopped in to Gentleman's Corner for the first time, first impressions were very pleasant. The front desk associate was cordial and polite. The atmosphere of the shop itself was cool and relaxing. Wait times were reasonable given the volume.
When I really took the time to look around I noticed the shop was absolutely filthy just an hour after opening: dust piles accumulated along some areas on the floor that have clearly been neglected for some time; stray hairs strewn all over the waiting area; the floors were dirty and had streaks of film across them; many staple sanitary practices are being ignored by multiple stylists: unwashed/uncovered headrests between clients; some combs and bristle brushes are not being sanitized etc.
The gentleman who cut my hair and trimmed my beard was incredibly thorough: sanitization practices went well above the standards one should expect in a barbershop; neat, tidy and organized work-space; courteous and conversational; knowledgeable of products and procedures and not a half bad cut. I wish I could remember his name but if you're reading this, you know who you are. A+ work.
The receptionist seemed more interested in his phone than helping the staff maintain the shop and greeting guests. When asked if I had a preference for a stylist I told him I was indifferent but requested someone with real experience in beard-trimming, after seeing the stylist he intended to pair me with trim the beard before me I thought it best to wait until the next seat was available.
• Good atmosphere
• Courteous staff
• Reasonable wait times
• Fair quality haircuts
• Cleanliness is a solid C- over-all
• Sanitization practices need real attention
• Prices are higher than other local shops with similar or better cuts
The owner , Paulie, is a master at his craft. I'm very particular when it comes to letting someone cut my hair and if he isn't there then I don't get my haircut. I once had a clean shave from him but I was freaking out...he calmly explained everything as he was doing it while I was gripping the arms of his barber chair like I was going to launch myself out of it at any second. He knows I have severe anxiety and was accommodating. If you're gonna go...ask for Paulie. Tell em Derek recommended him.
The place is fancy. However, there are certain people who are good at cutting certain types of hair it was not that expensive they do not sell gift cards and are not open on holidays
Had to give them a 1... Super over priced. I was dissatisfied with the haircut and call them to tell them the person that gave me the haircut didn't do a good job. Told me to come back and he would "fix" it. What he did was only to make it worst. One side of my hair was super short and the other side was long so it could cover up the short end. Didn't even clean me up. Rather feel the razor burn than the hair on my face... Definitely dont recommend to a friend.[8/2/2016]
Had to do a update because I didnt learn my lesson the first time. Thought someone I knew who works there would take care of me. When I told him to clean me up. I thought he got the message like any other barber would know a ' clean up ' means. But guess not. Didnt take his time. Literally less then 5min. [4/15/2018]
For the owner Paul... I love how I got a negative feed back when I read all of your other 1 star reviews they all had good feed back. I'm sorry Mike (the guy who work there since day 1) didnt do a good job. And the same person who "fixed" it. Clearly should've stuck with Gary. Just to clear things up. I was not in a rush. If I was then why did I come back to "fix" my haircut? The picture you see was the after math of the disappointment. Again I keep it 100%.

Quick Facts About Gentlemen's Corner Barber Shop

Gentlemen's Corner Barber Shop has various strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. Overall, the strengths of the barber shop include their talented barbers who provide excellent haircuts, a good atmosphere, and reasonable wait times. The barbers are often praised for their patience, especially with children, and their attention to detail. Additionally, the owner, Paulie, is highly recommended and known for his masterful skills.
One of the strengths mentioned is the good atmosphere at the barber shop. Many customers mention feeling comfortable and relaxed in the shop. The front desk associate is described as cordial and polite, contributing to the positive atmosphere. Furthermore, the shop is said to be fancy, giving it a sense of luxury.
Another strength is the talent of the barbers. They are praised for their thoroughness and the quality of their haircuts. Justin, in particular, is mentioned for his ability to please customers, regardless of their age. This indicates that the barbers possess a diverse skill set and can cater to various customer preferences.
Reasonable wait times are also highlighted as a strength. Despite the barber shop being popular and busy, the wait times are said to be manageable. This suggests that the barbers efficiently serve their customers and maintain a smooth operation.
However, the barber shop also has some weaknesses that need to be addressed. The cleanliness is mentioned as a major concern. Dust piles, stray hairs, and dirty floors are observed within the premises. Additionally, it is noted that some staple sanitary practices are not being followed, such as the lack of sanitization between clients and unsanitary combs. These complaints raise concerns about the overall hygiene of the barber shop.
The prices are mentioned as another weakness. Some customers feel that the barber shop is overpriced compared to other local shops that offer similar or better haircuts. The higher prices might deter potential customers or lead to dissatisfaction among current customers who feel that they are not receiving adequate value for their money.
The negative reviews primarily focus on specific barber experiences that have not met the customers' expectations. Complaints include receiving a buzz cut instead of the requested haircut, receiving an uneven haircut with no attempt to fix it, and the lack of attention to detail during a "clean up" service. These experiences highlight inconsistencies in the quality of service provided and may indicate a need for improved communication between customers and barbers.
In conclusion, Gentlemen's Corner Barber Shop has several strengths, such as talented barbers, a good atmosphere, and reasonable wait times. However, there are areas that require improvement, particularly in terms of cleanliness and consistent quality of service. Addressing these weaknesses could enhance the overall customer experience and satisfaction at the barber shop.

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