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Gene's Barber Stylist

+1 607-266-9573
2253 N Triphammer Rd # 2253, Ithaca, NY 14850 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Quick Facts About Gene's Barber Stylist

1. Skillful and knowledgeable stylists: Multiple comments mention specific stylists who did an excellent job with their haircuts. This shows that the barbers at Gene's Barber Stylist place have the skills and expertise to meet varying customer needs and preferences.
2. Attention to detail: The customers appreciate the barbers' attention to detail, as they take their time to give a precise and well-blended haircut. This attention to detail enhances the overall quality of the haircuts and ensures customer satisfaction.
3. Ability to cut and style diverse hair types: The comment about cutting black hair and blending and fading properly highlights the barbers' ability to cater to diverse hair types. This skill is valuable and essential in a diverse community where customers have different hair textures and styles.
4. Positive reputation: There are multiple positive comments from customers who highly recommend the place, particularly praising specific barbers. This positive reputation can attract new customers and contribute to the longevity of the business.
5. Clean and friendly environment: Several comments mention the cleanliness and friendly atmosphere of the place. A clean environment helps create a professional and comfortable setting for customers, while friendly staff can make the experience more enjoyable.
1. Inconsistent customer experience: While some customers have had great experiences, there are comments mentioning poor haircuts and overall dissatisfaction. Inconsistency in customer experiences can indicate a lack of quality control or training among the barbers.
2. Lack of focus and excessive chatting: Negative comments mention barbers being distracted by chatting with other staff or customers, leading to a less attentive and focused haircut experience. This lack of focus can result in uneven cuts and lower customer satisfaction.
3. Difficulty in replicating desired styles: Commenters mention instances where the stylists were unable to replicate the desired haircut from a picture. This suggests a potential lack of communication between the customers and the stylists or a potential skill gap in translating visual references into actual hairstyles.
4. Complaints about messy hair and uneven cuts: Negative comments highlight issues with messy hair and uneven cuts. This indicates a lack of precision and attention to detail, which can significantly impact the overall quality of the haircuts and customer satisfaction.
5. Lack of instruction: One positive comment mentions receiving a great haircut with little instruction. While this can be seen as a strength, it can also pose a weakness if some customers prefer more guidance or if stylists do not consistently understand and execute the customers' vision without explicit instructions.
In conclusion, Gene's Barber Stylist place has strengths in terms of skillful and knowledgeable stylists, attention to detail, ability to cater to diverse hair types, positive reputation, and a clean and friendly environment. However, there are weaknesses in terms of inconsistent customer experiences, lack of focus and excessive chatting among barbers, difficulty in replicating desired styles, complaints about messy hair and uneven cuts, and potential gaps in understanding customer preferences without explicit instruction. Addressing these weaknesses can help the establishment further improve its services and overall customer satisfaction.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Had a great experience, Ian did a great job on my head, nice fade and beard trim. This is a skill being able to cut black hair, and blend and fade properly. He has certainly gained my stamp of approval, thanks for the cut Ian!
It was obviously awesome as it always is Joel is the only guy I'd let cut my hair. He's awesome kind humble and really takes his time to give you an award winning cut. I never have to tell him what I want he just does my regular skin fade with perfect smooth blends. He has such attention to detail and never makes you feel like your holding up a line which he always has for good reason as opposed to cranking out as many cuts as humanly possible. I've happily waited an hour for him to be free and will do so in the future. When you go see Joel just tell em Jay sent you! And that man deserves a damn solid tip!!!
If I could give zero stars I would. The barber would not stop. talking about how god the food at the hospital was. Seemed more interested in chatting with the other staff than cutting my hair. Which, honestly, would not matter to me at all if the haircut turned out well. But it did not. As a man with short hair, it should be easy to do at least an okay job. But the cut was uneven, the style was poorly done, and even though I wear a hat at work, I'm afraid it's still noticeably bad.
I will not go back. And I will actively steer people away from this place.
I've been going to see my good friend Joel to get my hair cut for years and couldn't be happier . I highly recommend if you are in Ithaca and need a hair cut to come see the team here!
My 17 year old son got his hair cut here. We showed a picture of about what he was looking for and definitely did not get anything close. He has asked not to go there again. The place is nice, clean and staff was friendly.
this place was really bad. my barber was chatting the entire time, with other customers and other barbers, wouldn’t stay focused at all on my cut. turned out uneven and had hair everywhere. this is a mess of a business and i really don’t like how this cut turned out
I had the most amazing experience! I got curtain bangs and was not sure if it would fit me but the so kind lady that did my hair did it perfectly and was super super nice. And the stuff were really nice! I highly recommend!
Went in for my first barber shop hair cut in years and had a fine experience. Love the hair cut. Just what I wanted with little instruction. It started with a call on a Saturday afternoon and with a polite invite, I went right in. I'm definitely going back. Thank you!

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