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Four Winds Tobacco & Grocery

+1 706-989-3401
464 GA-26, Cusseta, GA 31805 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Re-opened. The ranger burger is not a ranger burger. Frozen, pre-portioned patties and store bought frozen fries. Do not pay 13 bucks for a burger here, you can make the same thing at home. I miss working here in high school back in 2006 when the food was actually tasty.
If you are looking for huge delicious hamburgers, friendly staff, and a bit of Military History, then this is the place for you. Military themed burgers and great service. A longstanding tradition for Pathfinder, Airborne, and Ranger Instructors. Rangers Lead The Way, All The Way!
A meal and then some. Come hungry. It is off highway 26, but well worth a drive from Fort Benning and Columbus for great burgers.
I am very happy this place has re-opened. The last time I ate here was in 2001 as a kid. Although just recently reopened, the staff has adapted to the large number of guests they have for lunch. We were seated, ordered, and had our food in front of us in a little over 10 minutes in the middle of the lunch rush. The food was hot and fresh. We will definitely be coming back soon!
The service was great.we were seated within 30 seconds. Our food was on the table in 5minutes after we had placed it with the waitress. Will definitely be coming back.
Nothing but Burgers right now but... it was great. Prices were a little more than I expected but it was a specialty burger. I ordered the Parachute Burger.
I was 2nd in a party of 23 to order, and was the last to receive my food, nearly an hour and half later, burger was ok, but cold. Not like they used to be, Will never return!
I have been coming here for over 22 years! The Ranger Burger is the best burger I've ever had. Middle of nowhere but totally worth the drive.

Quick Facts About Four Winds Tobacco & Grocery

Four Winds Tobacco & Grocery, a local establishment, has received a range of comments regarding its strengths and weaknesses. As we delve into these comments, it becomes clear that the strengths of Four Winds Tobacco & Grocery lie in its military-themed burgers, friendly staff, and quick service, while its weaknesses include inconsistencies in food quality and long wait times.
One customer recalls the glory days of Four Winds Tobacco & Grocery, mentioning that they miss the tasty food that was once served there. However, another customer states that the ranger burger, a signature item, is not what it used to be. According to their comment, the burger is made with frozen, pre-portioned patties and store-bought frozen fries, which they find disappointing considering the $13 price tag. This disparity indicates a clear weakness in the consistency and quality of the food at Four Winds Tobacco & Grocery.
On the other hand, there are multiple positive comments praising the military-themed burgers and friendly staff. One customer describes the establishment as a longstanding tradition for Pathfinder, Airborne, and Ranger Instructors, emphasizing the military history associated with Four Winds Tobacco & Grocery. This strength is further supported by another customer who claims that the Ranger Burger is the best they've ever had. These positive reviews highlight the unique theme and deliciousness of the burgers, which can be considered a strength for the establishment.
Four Winds Tobacco & Grocery seems to have made improvements since its reopening, as customers note the efficient service they received. Some commend the staff for adapting to the lunch rush and delivering their food within a short span of time, ranging from 5 to 10 minutes. This quick service is a strength for the establishment as it contributes to a positive dining experience and customer satisfaction.
Despite the positive feedback regarding service, there is one comment that stands out as a weakness for Four Winds Tobacco & Grocery. A customer expresses disappointment in the wait time for their food, stating that they were the last person in a party of 23 to receive their order, which arrived nearly an hour and a half after ordering. This lengthy delay, coupled with receiving a cold burger, is a significant weakness for the establishment, as it tarnishes the overall dining experience and suggests inconsistencies in food preparation and delivery.
Although there seems to be a focus on burgers at Four Winds Tobacco & Grocery, one customer laments the limited menu options. They note that there are only burgers available, which may not cater to the preferences of all customers. While this comment does not necessarily indicate a weakness in the eyes of those who enjoy burgers, it signifies a limitation in variety, which could potentially deter customers seeking alternative options.
Lastly, it is worth noting that multiple comments highlight the location of Four Winds Tobacco & Grocery as a weakness. One customer refers to it as being in the "middle of nowhere," while another mentions that it is off Highway 26. This implies that the establishment may not be conveniently located for everyone, potentially limiting its customer base.
In conclusion, Four Winds Tobacco & Grocery demonstrates strengths in its military-themed burgers, friendly staff, and efficient service. Customers appreciate the unique theme and deliciousness of the burgers, as well as the expedited service during busy lunch hours. However, weaknesses such as inconsistencies in food quality, lengthy wait times, limited menu options, and inconvenient location have been noted. These weaknesses, if addressed, could contribute to further customer satisfaction and overall success for the establishment.

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