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Not family friendly or even in my case, adult.
I visited 5 Season Hair and Beard Barber Shop as it was started by individuals associated with the men's room and its proximity to my residence. I was excited to try it out, especially since I had previously brought my children to the men's room. However, my experience was far from what I expected.
I received a sharp haircut, but the environment of the shop was not ideal for families or myself. The language and topics of conversation used by the staff were not suitable for children, including my own. This was a surprise to me as I was not prepared for the atmosphere of the shop.
I decided to give the shop a second chance, but the outcome was the same. Conversations were still inappropriate and not suited for children. Upon speaking to friends, I learned that they had similar experiences and had not returned to the shop.
I feel that the shop should have a warning or adult rating, as it is not a suitable environment for children. The lack of consideration for the audience and surroundings is unfortunate, as the shop would have been a great option for families if it was a more family-friendly environment. I am writing this review to warn other parents and make them aware of the environment at the shop.
In conclusion, while the haircuts at 5 Season Hair and Beard Barber Shop may be sharp, the shop is not a suitable place for families. The language and topics discussed in the shop can (in most cases) be inappropriate for children and the staff does not seem to be aware of their surroundings. I recommend caution for parents when visiting the shop and a possible adult rating for the shop.
Kendon did a great job with my beard. It was my first time having a beard trim, since I had heard of people having difficult times with barbers, so I was a bit apprehensive. But Kendon was recommended to me by a friend, and he calmed my concerns upon arrival. He listened to all my questions and needs, and did exactly what I asked. I was very impressed with his work, and will definitely work with him again! Highly recommended!
Porchia is who I go to whenever I need cut and I leave feeling refreshed everytime. He pays great attention to detail as I’m sure all the other barbers do as well. He even came in on his day off to get me a cut. Highly recommend this barbershop
My husband returned after having good experiences previously. The woman who cut his hair this time was so busy talking, she must have went on auto pilot and gave my husband a faux hawk, which was not at all what was requested nor was it in his notes from the last stylist. He is devastated.
I have no idea how you can mess a haircut up so bad. I wanted my sides faded and a lot of length at the top and now I look like I’m going into the military.
Good guys, good haircuts and beard trims. I make apts with Jeremy, he's always on point but I'm sure the other guys are great too.
Call in and before going or book online through Booksy. Walk-ins are available but might be waiting a while during peak times
Made an appointment for a haircut and beard trim. This was the day before my Uncles funeral service. When I arrived I was informed that the barber I made my appointment with was not in and they were trying to take care of his schedule also. After a 1/2 hour wait I was seated in a barber chair and asked how I'd like my hair cut. I answered "Flat Top". I was then informed that that barber I had (not by choice) can't do a "Flat Top" and then we come to find out that there is not one barber in the establishment that can cut a "Flat Top". So, I was in a pinch so I paid for there over priced hair & beard trim and have never returned.

Quick Facts About FIVE SEASONS Hair & Beard

1. Skillful barbers: Multiple comments mention the skill and quality of the haircuts and beard trims at 5 Season Hair & Beard Barber Shop. Customers mention specific barbers who they highly recommend, indicating that there are talented and experienced professionals working at the shop.
2. Attention to detail: A comment specifically mentions that one barber, Porchia, pays great attention to detail. This suggests that the barbers at 5 Season Hair & Beard Barber Shop take their time and ensure that they deliver precise and well-executed haircuts and trims.
3. Accommodating appointments: Customers have the option to book appointments online through Booksy or call in to schedule, which allows for better time management and reduces waiting times during peak hours. This shows that the shop is mindful of their customers' time and offers convenient appointment options.
1. Inappropriate environment for families: Several comments express disappointment and concern about the language and topics of conversation used by the staff at the shop. These comments highlight that the environment at 5 Season Hair & Beard Barber Shop is not suitable for families, including children. This can be a major drawback for potential customers looking for a family-friendly barber shop.
2. Lack of awareness and consideration: The same comment mentions that the staff does not seem to be aware of their surroundings. This implies that the barbers and staff may not be conscious of the fact that their conversations may be inappropriate for certain customers or the general atmosphere they create in the shop. This lack of consideration can deter customers and create a negative experience.
3. Inconsistent quality: One comment highlights a negative experience where a customer's specific haircut request was not fulfilled, resulting in disappointment. This suggests that there may be inconsistencies in the quality of service provided by the barbers at 5 Season Hair & Beard Barber Shop. Inconsistent quality can lead to customer dissatisfaction and a decrease in loyalty.
4. Poor communication and customer service: The comment about the barber not being able to fulfill the customer's "Flat Top" haircut request indicates a breakdown in communication and customer service. The customer had made an appointment, but the desired service could not be provided, leading to frustration and dissatisfaction. This shows a lack of professionalism and attention to customer needs.
5. Overpriced services: One comment mentions that the hair and beard trim at the shop was overpriced. This can be a potential weakness for customers who feel that the quality of service does not match the cost. Pricing plays a significant role in customer satisfaction, and if the services are perceived as overpriced, it may deter potential customers from choosing 5 Season Hair & Beard Barber Shop.
In conclusion, while 5 Season Hair & Beard Barber Shop has strengths in terms of skillful barbers, attention to detail, and accommodating appointments, it also has weaknesses in terms of the inappropriate environment for families, lack of awareness and consideration, inconsistent quality, poor communication and customer service, and potentially overpriced services. These weaknesses can impact the overall customer experience and potentially hinder the shop's growth and reputation.

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