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E.T. Nail & Spa

+1 407-299-5544
6099 Silver Star Rd, Orlando, FL 32808 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot

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A complete waste of money on my nails. I never leave reviews but I am over it.. I went and got my nails fixed the next day I got them done as that night I got them done they closed right after I left. They are peeling so bad.. I’ve been getting gel for YEARS. they charge u for gel and they don’t use gel. Gel doesn’t chip/peel off like this. I’ve had my nails for one whole day. This is ridiculous. The gentleman was so rude as well they talk to you like you are ignorant. I will never go back here
So I’ve read other reviews that said the place was filthy and I have to agree that maybe they can sweep and mop daily. They open at 10 and I arrived at 10:45 and there was lots of debris and hair on the floor, so it was obviously not cleaned at the end of the previous work day. However, I went for service and I’m rating them on their work. With that, I have no complaints. I had eyebrow tinting and lashes done by #6 and she did a great job. I will definitely return.
Worst experience EVER he rushed my nails couldn’t do anything I wanted I had to switch my design 5 different times and I picked the simplest one still looked ridiculous, my nails are very thin , he did one coat of nail polish and shaped uneven , Honestly he just wanted to get my nails over with as fast as possible DONT NOT RECOMMEND, first and last time . Mind you I don’t know why I payed 70$ but hey , lesson learned !
I was referred to ET Nails to get my eyebrows done by my hair stylist who said they were good, BUT when I got to the location after figuring out how to maneuver the parking lot, (that's a whole other nightmare) I found a confusing maze of chairs and bodies, lined up every which way, getting brows or lashes in a maze of Asian assembly line workers. The place was severely way too packed for safety and comfort and I couldn't tell if or when the last time Anything had been cleaned! Even though I had doubts, I still let a young girl do my brow's as I was told they were good. By the time I got done, 15-20 mins max, I was told I could pay my 15.00 and since I felt the color was too dark, the girl advised me that if I washed my face it would lighten each day. What she didn't say is that if I washed my brow's with a towel, it will disappear! So less than 24 hrs later, I have realized that I paid 15.00 for a person to color in the lines for my brow's which I could have done myself in my own clean bathroom! Save yourself the time and care. Not worth the money or time.
They were very rough with my fingers. I have scabs from where I bled, in front of them at that, on my cuticles still. I did not like the end product of my nails and asked could they re do them and I got much attitude and my process was rushed. Spent $60 for customer service that was a joke. They were mad at me for not doing something one of their employees was supposed to do.
The setting and the nail service could use some work because the place looks a little unkempt and there was way too much residue around my nails and toes when I left, other than that the people are very nice and welcoming. I would go back again last minute
I came for the 1st time today. I got a pedicure and brow arch.
Pros: cheap
Open late
A lot of staff
Pedicure was ok
Brows were amazing
Cons: the area
No warm greeting or customer service of course

Quick Facts About E.T. Nail & Spa

E.T. Nail & Spa Place has received a mix of positive and negative comments from customers, highlighting various strengths and weaknesses of the establishment. In this analysis, we will examine these comments to provide an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the salon.
Starting with the strengths, one customer mentioned that the eyebrow tinting and lashes done by technician #6 were great. This indicates that there are competent and skilled employees at E.T. Nail & Spa Place who can deliver satisfactory results. Additionally, another customer commented positively on the affordability of the services, suggesting that the prices at this salon are reasonable. The availability of late opening hours and a large staff were also mentioned as positives, indicating that the salon is accessible and can accommodate a higher number of clients.
Moving on to the weaknesses, several comments cited issues with cleanliness. One customer claimed that the salon was filthy, with debris and hair on the floor. Another mentioned that there was excessive residue left around their nails and toes after the service. These comments suggest that the salon should improve its cleanliness and ensure that the premises are properly maintained to provide a hygienic environment for customers.
Customer service was another area of weakness mentioned by several individuals. One customer stated that the staff spoke rudely and treated them as if they were ignorant. Another mentioned that there was no warm greeting or customer service provided. Additionally, one customer complained about the rushed service, indicating that their nails were handled roughly and they ended up with scabs and bleeding cuticles. These comments suggest that the salon should prioritize training its employees in providing excellent customer service and ensure that they handle clients with care and professionalism.
There were also some complaints about the quality of the services provided. One customer expressed dissatisfaction with their gel nails, claiming that they chipped and peeled off within one day. Another mentioned that their nails looked uneven and poorly shaped. Furthermore, a customer mentioned being rushed through the service and not being able to get the desired design. These comments indicate that E.T. Nail & Spa Place should enhance the quality of their nail services and ensure that customers' preferences are met.
Another concern raised by a customer was the crowded and chaotic environment. They mentioned that the salon was exceptionally packed, making them doubt the safety and cleanliness of the place. This comment suggests that the salon should manage customer flow more efficiently to provide a comfortable and organized atmosphere for clients.
In conclusion, E.T. Nail & Spa Place has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided by customers. The positive aspects include skilled technicians, affordability, late opening hours, and a large staff. On the other hand, the weaknesses revolve around cleanliness issues, poor customer service, rushed service, and unsatisfactory results. Addressing these weaknesses would greatly improve the overall experience for customers and allow the salon to build a stronger reputation.

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