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Custom Cuts Barbershop

+1 951-296-2805
41750 Winchester Rd suite h, Temecula, CA 92590 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Quick Facts About Custom Cuts Barbershop

Custom Cuts Barbershop, based on the comments provided, has a number of strengths that contribute to its positive reputation among customers.
Firstly, the barbers at Custom Cuts Barbershop are highly praised for their skills and expertise. Multiple comments mention the excellent haircuts and beard clean-ups they received, with specific barbers such as Abe and Chris being highlighted as particularly talented. This suggests that the staff at the barbershop have a high level of technical proficiency, ensuring that customers receive top-notch results.
Moreover, the barbers at Custom Cuts Barbershop are known for their friendly and personable nature. Customers appreciate the welcoming atmosphere and the one-on-one care they receive during their visits. This reflects positively on the barbers' customer service skills, as they are able to create a comfortable and enjoyable experience for their clients. This aspect is particularly important when looking for a barber for children, as mentioned in one of the comments.
The cleanliness of the shop is also mentioned as a strength of Custom Cuts Barbershop. Customers appreciate the well-maintained and hygienic environment, which adds to their overall satisfaction with the experience. A clean shop can contribute to a professional and trustworthy impression, enhancing the reputation of the barbershop.
Another strength highlighted in the comments is the consistency among the barbers. Customers mention that multiple barbers at Custom Cuts Barbershop are capable of delivering the same haircut based on the given instructions. This indicates a high level of skill and attention to detail among the barbers, ensuring that customers receive consistent results regardless of who they see. This consistency fosters customer loyalty and trust in the barbershop.
Furthermore, Custom Cuts Barbershop is praised for its flexibility and willingness to accommodate customers. One comment mentions that the barbershop was able to take a last-minute same-day appointment, demonstrating their responsiveness to customer needs. This level of customer service contributes to a positive experience and encourages customers to return in the future.
However, the comments also point out a couple of weaknesses that Custom Cuts Barbershop may need to address. One customer mentions a negative experience with the appointment system, stating that they were turned away despite being told someone would take them. This suggests that there may be a lack of consistency or miscommunication in handling appointments, which could result in customer dissatisfaction.
Additionally, there is one negative comment regarding a barber named Miguel, who was described as rude and unaccommodating. This highlights the importance of maintaining a consistent level of customer service among all barbers, as one negative experience can impact the reputation of the entire barbershop. It may be necessary for the barbershop management to address this issue and ensure that all staff members adhere to a high standard of professionalism and customer care.
In conclusion, Custom Cuts Barbershop has a number of strengths that contribute to its positive reputation, including skilled and friendly barbers, a clean environment, consistency in haircuts, and flexibility with appointments. However, the comments also raise concerns about appointment management and the behavior of individual barbers. By addressing these weaknesses, Custom Cuts Barbershop can further enhance its strengths and continue to provide excellent service to its customers.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Been looking for a new Barber for my boys and finally found one that cares about the clients. Went here yesterday and Abe was so nice, he did an amazing job and I love the one on one care we received even after I did a “no show” the day before. Thanks again Abe ???? ???? ???? ✂️ ????
Got a haircut and beard clean up from Chris. Did an absolutely FANTASTIC job. Took his time and made sure everything was even. Shop was very clean and the barbers were friendly. Loved the atmosphere. 10/10 would recommend going here and I myself will most certainly be coming back in the future.
Best haircut I've ever had. Barber Chris is an amazing Barber.
I love this shop. Every time I leave I’m satisfied with my cut and every guy in there is talented and on the same page. You can tell a different barber the same cut directions and get the same result. They will always have my business.
Called for a last minute same day appointment and they took me same day. My son LOVED his hair and wants Mario cutting it from now on.
I loved custom cuts! The guys in there work well together! Super engaging with literally all of their customers. They were really busy when we went in but they were quick about getting everyone in and out of their chairs! I wasn't mad about the prices either... very reasonable! I also loved my boys cuts! Thanks and we will be back
Came in with my 83 year old father. We were told you were by appointment only but someone would take him. He didn’t want a fade or a fancy hair cut. Just wanted to get his hair off his ears. After being shined on for an hour we left. There’s a scene in Pretty woman where she goes back and let’s the counter person know they a big mistake well you should think of that scene…..
our experience with you was horrible !!!!
This was the worst barber I have ever been to. When we first walked in Miguel the guy who cut my son’s hair was rude off the bat. He did not speak. My son kept telling him to loosen the cape and it was to tight. I told him how I wanted my son’s hair he had an attitude about that. Then had the nerve to question my son’s age when we left. Never again will I step foot in this place.

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot


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