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Crystal Nail & Spa

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3155 Zinfandel Dr, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670 United States of America
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Look at my damn toes… They tried to upsell me on every aspect of my pedicure. When you ask me which one i want, I’ve chosen. Don’t continue to push the higher priced pedicure. I wont be returning. $45 for this..another lady did fix them and they looked good but i shouldn't have to get them done again.. spent 1 hour and 45 min in the salon for a mediocre pedicure.
I called in the morning to schedule an apt for the afternoon, I asked how much for a full set with powder on long nails they told me $50. Thats the normal price i pay for long nails. When I sat down with the nail tech she was very nice and sweet. Im not usually the type to complain or even not pay but I was highly disappointed. I asked her for short claws and she asked if there was another shape so clearly she didn't know how to shape claws well. Ok so I asked for coffin and when she filed the first one it didn't even look coffin shape the tip was way to wide. She asked if it was ok at this point I was just starring at it realizing I was going to leave unhappy. I wanted hombre fade from black tip to pink. When she put the pink bead on she wasn't doing it correctly it looked very bulky and lumpy then. She put the black bead down and another nail tech was daying something to her. I said yea that doesn't look like its fading well can you just do all pink please. I compromised again. I really wanted Halloween looking nails and obvious wasn't going to get them. As she moved on they were only getting more square, more lumpy and thick. When she was finished she handed me a per that said. $50 I was shocked because I called and got a price of $50 for long nails left with short nails and still paid the same price which isn't right at all. Find another shop! Not worth it.
Edit: 10/20/20 its been less than a week and already one of my nails popped off. Very disappointing. Will not be going back.
Extremely disappointed in the service and prices. I don’t feel bad spending money on myself when I get good service. This place is overpriced for the quality work. I went 10 days ago to get my gel polish redone. She was very rough and my nails did not look clean after. When removing the old polish she left a bunch and just painted over with the new color. I was told they charge one price first visit and only $18 the second and so on. That was not true because I came back hoping that last time was just a bad experience with that person. Today was again a very disappointing experience. The shape of my nails on my hands and toes looks horrible. Again they were rough and didn’t listen when I said please be gentle my nail bed is sensitive. Oh and if you pay with card they charge you a dollar without telling you. Overall for the price I paid I could have gotten a much better job done down the street and they would have been French tip not just one color. I guess people that get acrylics really like them cause that’s all I saw around me. For $5 more I could have gone to Nail Galore downtown and had my nails looking spectacular.
My last experience was AWFUL. I got nicked a total of 5 times & she did not even try to apologize & she left my nails EXTREMELY CROOKED after I had just told her 2-3 times that I wanted them straighter. The manicurist knew she messed up because I was going to pay upfront so I can have a word with the owner but chased me down for payment so I paid her. I tipped because it’s the nice thing to do. BUT STAY AWAY LADIES! The monomer AKA “nail liquid” used at this location is medical grade and can cause cancer or damage on your nails. If it smells too “sweet” & gets gooey while you try to soak them off then it’s not real
& CHEAP. If it crumbles when you soak off then IT IS REAL. There is also no barbicide to be seen. EVERYTHING used on your nails are not properly clean and VERY used. An actual home based nail artist is worth the booking & money. This place is not worth the possible blood borne pathogens that can get in your bloodstream from getting cut. these are supposed to be “coffin” shaped.The thumb was a complete slant that I had to fix it myself.
I've been here before it was great! I went a week ago and got a full set- acrylic by a recently hired nail tech. They looked good when I left, but only a couple of days afterwards they started to lift. Now I have to have them replaced somewhere else. Not going back.
Today I had a appointment with my manicurest in RANCHO CORDOVA. Crystal Nails and Spa. Operated by Vietnamese woman, MARIA and BOA, both very professional and friendly. They were very attentive, fast and efficient. I will come back and use them again.
Never coming back again. Very dissatisfied! Let me just start of by saying I do appreciate them taking me and my friend at 6:30ish especially since I work pretty late. But I woulda much rather them tell me to come back another day because I felt like everything was very rushed. On top of that I feel like the wrong polish was used because after 3 hrs my toes should have dried (I asked for regular polish). It’s not my first rodeo so when whom ever I spoke too, tried to tell me it’s because I didn’t get gel, I said NO because my friend also got REGULAR polish with a design and after 3hrs hers were completely dry. After a few minutes on the phone he finally told me to go in to fix them and had me wait over 20 minutes to fix.
They spent more time on the message portion of the pedicure than the actual painting. My pinky toe was all messed up and paint was on my skin . Overall not entirely worth my money. The lady was upset over the fact i wanted to use my credit card and just left me up front. The service was mostly pleasant but those two errors made ruined my experience.

Quick Facts About Crystal Nail & Spa

Crystal Nail & Spa place has received mixed reviews from customers, highlighting both strengths and weaknesses. In order to provide an analysis, let's first examine the strengths of the salon:
1. Professionalism and Friendliness: Some customers have praised the professionalism and friendliness of the manicurists, specifically mentioning Maria and Boa as being attentive, fast, and efficient. This indicates that the salon has some staff members who provide high-quality service.
2. Availability and Accommodation: Crystal Nail & Spa appears to be flexible in terms of scheduling appointments, as one customer mentioned being accommodated for a late appointment. This level of availability can be a strength in attracting customers who have busy schedules.
3. Initial Positive Experiences: Some customers mentioned having positive experiences in the past, with one person stating that they had previously visited the salon and had a great experience. This suggests that the salon may have had a good reputation at some point.
However, along with these strengths, there are several weaknesses that have been highlighted by customers:
1. Pushy Upselling: One customer complained about the constant upselling during their pedicure, stating that they were pressured to opt for the higher-priced services. This can create a negative experience for customers who feel that they are being taken advantage of.
2. Inconsistent Quality of Service: Multiple customers mentioned that the quality of service was subpar. They reported issues such as uneven or poorly shaped nails, lumpy nail polish applications, and rough treatment. These inconsistencies in the quality of the service can be a major weakness for the salon.
3. Overpricing and Miscommunication: Several customers mentioned being dissatisfied with the pricing. They experienced situations where the cost of the service was higher than expected or were charged extra without prior information. This communication issue regarding pricing can damage the trust between the customers and the salon.
4. Poor Durability: Some customers reported that their nails had lifted or popped off shortly after their visits. This indicates that the durability and longevity of the salon's work may be questionable, which can be a significant weakness for any nail salon.
5. Lack of Cleanliness and Hygiene: One customer raised concerns about the cleanliness and hygiene practices in the salon. Mentioning the absence of barbicide and the use of used tools, they raised the issue of potential health risks. Maintaining proper sanitation and hygiene standards is crucial for any salon.
6. Rushed Service and Errors: A few customers mentioned feeling rushed during their visits, leading to mistakes in the application of polish and overall dissatisfaction. The experience of having mistakes and errors in the service can significantly impact customer satisfaction.
Based on the comments, it is evident that Crystal Nail & Spa has some areas of strength, such as friendly staff and availability. However, the weaknesses, such as inconsistent quality of service, overpricing, cleanliness concerns, and rushed service, are significant and can greatly impact the reputation and customer satisfaction of the salon.
In conclusion, Crystal Nail & Spa has received mixed reviews from customers, with both positive and negative experiences being highlighted. The salon should address the weaknesses mentioned to improve the overall customer experience and reputation. This can involve addressing the issues of upselling, improving quality control, ensuring clear and transparent pricing, enhancing cleanliness and hygiene practices, and providing a more relaxed and attentive service. By addressing these weaknesses, the salon can work towards improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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