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Cocomo Inn & Suites

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1713 1st Ave SE, Moultrie, GA 31768 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Cocomo Inn & Suites

1. Efficient maintenance staff: One positive aspect mentioned by a guest is the efficiency and helpfulness of the maintenance staff. They went out of their way to assist with a key card malfunction issue, showing dedication to resolving problems promptly.
2. Affordable pricing: Despite the complaints, several guests mentioned the relatively low cost of staying at Cocomo Inn & Suites. One guest mentioned paying $750 per month, which suggests that the place offers affordable long-term options.
3. Good water pressure in showers: Despite the negative experiences, one guest mentioned that the shower they took after work was outstanding. This suggests that the water pressure and quality of the showers may be a strength of the establishment.
4. Friendly front desk staff: One guest commented on the kindness of the front desk staff, specifically mentioning a lady who was nice. This indicates that there are some employees who provide good customer service.
1. Lack of electricity: One of the main complaints mentioned by a guest is the lack of electricity in their room. This not only caused inconvenience but also affected basic necessities like the functioning of an alarm clock.
2. Rude and unhelpful manager: Another customer mentioned being chewed out by the manager when they reported the electricity issue. The manager's rude behavior further exacerbated the negative experience for the guest.
3. Poor room conditions: Several guests commented on the poor conditions of their rooms. Complaints included dirty bathrooms, holes in the walls, roaches, and mold. These issues indicate a lack of cleanliness and maintenance within the facility.
4. Lack of essential items: Multiple guests mentioned a lack of essential items such as towels, toilet paper, and toiletries in their rooms. These are basic amenities that should be provided by the establishment and the absence of these items disappointed guests.
5. Noise disturbances: One guest mentioned being disturbed by a neighboring room's loud Mexican party. This suggests a lack of soundproofing or enforcement of noise policies within the hotel, leading to a disturbance for other guests.
6. Inflexible refund policy: A guest mentioned wanting a refund after being dissatisfied with the room conditions and smell. However, they faced resistance from hotel staff who refused to give any refund, showing an inflexible refund policy.
In conclusion, the strengths of Cocomo Inn & Suites appear to be affordable pricing, efficient maintenance staff, and friendly front desk staff. However, the weaknesses identified include a lack of electricity, poor room conditions, rudeness from the manager, a lack of essential items, noise disturbances, and an inflexible refund policy. These aspects contribute to a negative overall experience for guests and should be addressed by the management to improve the reputation of the establishment.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

So, I wake up at 22:00 with no electricity. Tomorrow my alarm clock is not working because there's no electricity. I wait about 30 minutes with no electricity. I get dressed and go to the office and ask if they could check. Manager chews me óut like it's my fault. I had to work that next day so I apologize and wait another 30 minutes for rude manager to turn a breaker back on, that I didn't cause. this is what paying on time 750.00 a month gets you at the Cocomo.
Now that I've calmed down. I was locked out of my room due to some key card malfunction and yes I'm paid almost a month in advance. I'm moving to UK in November.. reason why I'm Cocomoing it. I waited over an hour to get in my room. Now
Let me tell you that the maintenance went out of their way to help and very efficiently. Yes it's a crazy world we live in. Things could be better most definitely but I'll go out on a limb and just say
The shower after work was outstanding!
Roaches in room n spotted a mouse. Hole in bathroom wall plus mold on wall by shower
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Worst place ever! The bathroom was dirty, on the walls was a big hole!!!! The beds were dirty when I told them that I was not going to stay because it was smelling very bad and I have kids they didn’t care and they didn’t want to give me my money back I was not asking for al the money back but at least half of it ! I do not recommend this place at all!!!
First of all I paid $454 for a WEEK, and they put me in a downgraded poor condition room with my children,I tried to reconsider but they had some nasty attitudes! They are so rude,the manager and the other hotel staff are soo nonchalant!
No towels, no toilet paper, no cable just myself and 1 small puppy and it costed $93 for the night. Mexicans parties all nite long next door music and loud yelling. The lady up front though had huge ties. Very nice!
Dirty. No toilet paper or other Essentials in the room. No towels or wash cloths. They were however bed bug free.

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