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Cleveland Cuts

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5533 NC-42, Garner, NC 27529 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Cleveland Cuts

Cleveland Cuts place has received overwhelmingly positive comments regarding their services, staff, atmosphere, and prices. The strengths of the salon/barber shop can be summarized as follows:
1. Friendly and welcoming staff: Many comments mention the friendly and attentive staff at Cleveland Cuts place. Customers feel valued and respected when they visit the salon/barber shop. This demonstrates a strength in customer service and creating a welcoming atmosphere.
2. Talented and skilled professionals: Multiple comments praise the skill and talent of the barbers and stylists at Cleveland Cuts place. They have received compliments for their expertise in skin fades, hair design (such as stripes and patterns), and styling. This showcases the overall high quality of work provided by the professionals at the establishment.
3. Accommodating and considerate: One comment specifically mentions that the staff at Cleveland Cuts place are accommodating if a customer needs to leave briefly to grab food next door. This demonstrates a willingness to go above and beyond for their customers and shows consideration for their needs.
4. Family-friendly environment: Many comments mention that Cleveland Cuts place is suitable for all ages, including children and teenagers. The stylist, Olga, is praised for her ability to work well with children and for providing helpful tips for managing curly hair. This indicates that the salon/barber shop is a welcoming and comfortable space for families.
5. Affordable prices: Several comments express satisfaction with the prices at Cleveland Cuts place. The affordability is seen as a strength, particularly in comparison to larger chain hair stylists. This suggests that customers perceive good value for the services they receive.
6. Positive overall experience: The general sentiment from the comments is that customers left Cleveland Cuts place happy and satisfied with their new styles. This indicates that the salon/barber shop consistently delivers positive experiences and meets customer expectations.
Despite the overwhelmingly positive comments, there are some potential weaknesses that can be inferred:
1. Limited availability: One comment mentions that Cleveland Cuts place is often packed, indicating that it may be difficult to secure appointments or that walk-ins may have long wait times. This could be seen as a weakness if customers prefer more immediate service.
2. Lack of diversity in customer reviews: While the comments all express satisfaction with the services, it is important to note that they come from a limited sample. It would be beneficial to have a more diverse range of customer reviews to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of Cleveland Cuts place.
In conclusion, Cleveland Cuts place has several strengths, including a friendly and talented staff, a welcoming atmosphere, and affordable prices. However, potential weaknesses include limited availability and a limited range of customer reviews. Despite these weaknesses, the overwhelming positive feedback suggests that Cleveland Cuts place is a reputable salon/barber shop that provides high-quality services to its customers.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

OMG. Coming here makes me so happy. I will be in the area for a little bit and it makes me so happy that I have a place that everyone can go to and we feel loved and respected. The whole team is amazing and as someone with ???????? roots. It just makes me happy. Olga also does hair for woman and she really takes her time. It’s always pretty packed so just be mindful and you can totally just let her or anyone else there know that you’re going next door to grab some food at Happy spot and she will save your spot.
Had a great experience today. Husband went in for beard shaping and our two youngest for haircuts. The staff were super friendly and attentive. Loved the atmosphere and the people plus everyone left happy with their new style. Thank you!
Not many barbers can do a good skin fade. Far less can do an excellent skin fade. My barber,José, is in the top tier; expert and consistent cut every time. Always a nice greeting from the staff when you come in and a nice goodbye after. Price and value can't be beat... Check them out!
Wow Olga gave my father a George Clooney Haircut!!! This place is the bomb! A jewel in the Garner Cleveland area!
This is my favorite barbershop. People working here are great and the manager is TOP professional! The haircut quality is really good, my son loves the hair design they do here (stripes and patterns on the sides of the head). And the prices are very competitive.
100% recommended.
Olga cut and styled my 11 year old daughters hair today and she did a wonderful job. She listened to what we wanted and was so friendly and very talented! She gave my curly haired girl nice long layers and lots of tips for managing her hair :-)
Was a great experience getting my 3 year old sons hair cut. Olga welcomed us with open arms litterally, and gave my boy his best cut to date. Can’t wait to go back and get a cut from Jose and let Olga cut my boys hair again!! 10 out of 10 recommend great people.
I have been using the chain hair stylists for years (Great Clips, Sports clips, Lady Jane's) and recently found that my favorite place has closed, so I found this place as I longed for the experience I got 40 years ago with a old school barber shop. I was not disappointed. I received a high and tight, razor trim finish, and a styling for $15 from Jose' who was spot on. I will be going back for regular trims. The wait wasn't bad at all, and the staff was super polite. I have found my new barber!

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