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Cafe J'adore

+44 1274 447325
17 Chester St, Bradford BD5 0AF United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

The quality of deco and seating and ambience was fantastic.
Food ? Just to match, amazing!
We had a the French bed Nashville Chicken which was delicious. Humongous and with a special sauce made it even better.
And to end, chocolate pudding. Wow. Presentation was beautiful and taste was up there with some of the best. And who thought you need custard with a chocolate pudding eh
I’ve been wanting to visit here for a while now, finally made it round to going. First impressions were brilliant.
The decor is stunning and certainly insta worthy. It was spacious and open, but still felt like we had our own personal space which was nice.
The food was pretty as a picture and tasted just as good. I loved the mix of savoury and sweet in the pastrami French toast and the Eton mess was full of amazing flavours, my fave out of all the dishes.
The staff were really pleasant and welcoming, and the manager was brilliant - attentive and keen to make our experience at cafe J’adore the best it can be.
Will certainly be returning as soon as I can to work my way through the menu!
We had a lovely night celebrating my friend's birthday at Cafe J'adore. The service was amazing, the team were great and they all looked happy to be working there which says a lot. The manager couldn't do enough to make the experience enjoyable for us all. I am vegan and although the menu lacked a vegan option to choose from, I definitely felt taken care of after having a word with the staff about my dietary requirements. The place looks amazing inside, and my friend was made to feel very special for her birthday! A special mention for the starters which were all cooked to perfection - we thoroughly enjoyed every single one! And to top it off.. They even had a vegan chocolate fudge cake!
Me and my friend visited today and had the most amazing experience. The place is absolutely stunning, the decor is beautiful. The food was exquisite. The staff were so welcoming & polite. The owner was so kind and attentive. Had such a pleasant experience.
Thank You ????
The perfect brunch place with your girls or family! The attention to detail, the warm welcome and prompt service was top notch. We went around taking photos and sat to enjoy delicious food. Thanks for a lovely experience.
We planned a baby shower to be hosted at J'adore cafe. The manager allowed us to have multiple visits before the event and even helped us plan our vision. We hosted 25 adults and a few children for brunch. They allowed us to arrive before our booking time and set up extra table decor for the baby shower (the venue already has some amazing instagramable decor). The staff were very friendly and were available throughout the brunch to help. Although we had lots of guest the food was prepared quickly and the portions were big. They even allowed us to bring our own cake, however I do recommend the pancakes for dessert, they were amazing!. Overall a very positive experience and we will definitely be using J'adore to host other family events throughout the year.
We got the dynamite prawns, the Nashville hot chicken and the lamb shank one word AMAZING, service was 10/10 as well as the food, the waitress tayba was amazing so warm and welcoming. Coming back again so glad it is local. The food arrived quick as well lovely place lovely staff and atmosphere
Absolutely Amazing.
Polite staff, beautiful decor & atmosphere, spacious and very comfortable seating. Very reasonable pricing on food.
We ordered the Smoked Chicken sandwich and Tickled Pink (Salmon). The Sandwich was delicious and served with a side of Salad and Hash browns. The Salmon came with seasonal Veg, Champ potato & Peppercorn sauce. Both dishes were generously served, tasted fresh and delicious.
For desserts we ordered Tahini & Chocolate Brownie which again was a very generous serving, the brownie in fact was very rich & tasty, the ice cream served with complimented it very well. The Orange and White Chocolate cheesecake was incredible and I don't think I'd be exaggerating by saying it was probably the best cheesecake I've had in some time.
I'd definitely recommend this place.

Quick Facts About Cafe J'adore

Cafe J'adore, based on the comments provided, has several strengths that contribute to its positive reputation. Firstly, one of the main strengths mentioned is the quality of the decor and seating, along with the overall ambience of the place. Customers describe the decor as stunning, with spacious and open seating arrangements that still provide a sense of personal space. This attention to detail in creating a visually appealing and comfortable environment is a significant strength of Cafe J'adore.
Another strength highlighted by customers is the quality of the food. The comments mention that the food is "amazing," "exquisite," and "delicious." Specific dishes, such as the French bed Nashville Chicken and chocolate pudding, are praised for their taste. The starters are also mentioned to be cooked to perfection. The positive feedback regarding the food showcases the culinary skills of the chefs at Cafe J'adore and further supports their strengths in delivering enjoyable and satisfying meals to customers.
The service provided by the staff and management is consistently praised in the comments. Customers mention that the staff are pleasant, welcoming, and attentive, creating a positive and friendly atmosphere. The manager is specifically recognized for their efforts to ensure customers have the best possible experience. Additionally, the comments mention that the staff are accommodating to dietary requirements, even for a vegan customer. This high level of customer service demonstrates the dedication of the staff and their ability to create a positive and satisfying dining experience.
Cafe J'adore also receives praise for its ability to cater to special events. One customer mentions hosting a baby shower at the cafe and praises the manager for their help in planning and setting up the event. The staff are described as friendly and available throughout the event to assist. The positive experience highlights the cafe's strength in hosting and accommodating special events, showcasing their ability to provide a memorable and enjoyable experience for guests.
The reasonable pricing of the food is also mentioned as a strength of Cafe J'adore. Customers appreciate the quality of the food and the portions received for the price paid, indicating that the cafe offers good value for money. This strength contributes to the overall positive impression of the establishment, as customers feel they are getting a quality dining experience at an affordable price.
While the comments provide overwhelmingly positive feedback, there are some potential weaknesses that can be inferred from the absence of certain comments or information. For example, there is no mention of a wide variety of vegan options on the menu. Though the staff were accommodating in meeting the dietary requirements of a vegan customer, it suggests that the cafe may benefit from expanding their vegan options to cater to a wider range of customers with dietary restrictions.
Additionally, there is no mention of any negative experiences or areas for improvement in the comments, which could be viewed as either a reflection of the cafe's strong performance or a lack of diverse feedback. Obtaining a more comprehensive range of customer feedback, including constructive criticism, could provide a more balanced and thorough understanding of the cafe's strengths and weaknesses.
In conclusion, Cafe J'adore has several notable strengths, including the quality of the decor and ambience, the delicious food, attentive staff, and ability to cater to special events. These strengths contribute to the positive reputation of the cafe and their ability to create a memorable and enjoyable dining experience for customers. While there may be potential weaknesses, such as a limited range of vegan options and a lack of diverse feedback, the overall impression is overwhelmingly positive.

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