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Bakin Bagels

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1906 NJ-35, Seaside Heights, NJ 08751 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Bakin Bagels

Bakin Bagels, based on the comments provided, has both strengths and weaknesses. Let's discuss them in detail.
Strengths: 1. Quality Food: Several comments mention that the bagels and cream cheeses at Bakin Bagels are fantastic and delicious. They offer a variety of flavors, such as everything bagel, cinnamon raisin bagel, and garlic and herb cream cheese, which are highly praised by customers. 2. Outdoor Seating and Location: One comment mentions that Bakin Bagels has great outdoor seating and is conveniently located close to the beach, making it an ideal spot to visit at any time of the year. This location advantage can attract customers, especially those looking for a quick bite before or after enjoying the beach. 3. Menu Variety: Bakin Bagels offers more than just bagels; customers can also find amazing sandwiches and even a decent slice of pizza. This variety gives customers more options to choose from and makes the place suitable for different tastes and preferences. 4. Quick Service and Friendly Staff: Some comments praise the quick service at Bakin Bagels, suggesting that customers can expect a fast turnaround time for their orders. Additionally, the friendly staff creates a welcoming atmosphere and contributes to a positive customer experience.
Weaknesses: 1. Poor Customer Service: One negative comment reflects a disappointing experience due to poor customer service. The individual called in an order but was informed upon arrival that the order was not received, leading to a wait of an additional 30 minutes or more. The staff's lack of knowledge about the situation and repeatedly messing up orders is concerning and reflects a lack of organization and communication within the establishment. 2. Unsanitary Conditions: Another negative comment raises hygiene concerns, as the customer observed a staff member sweating and touching bagels with bare hands, without wearing gloves. This unsanitary practice can pose health risks and create a negative impression of the establishment, potentially discouraging customers from visiting. 3. Pricing and Value: A customer mentioned in a negative comment that they found Bakin Bagels to be overpriced. They spent $35 on three breakfast sandwiches and a Snapple, which they considered too expensive. This perception of poor value for money may lead potential customers to seek more affordable options elsewhere. 4. Inconsistent Quality: One comment mentions that the bagels at Bakin Bagels were thin, not crispy on the outside or fluffy on the inside, and overdone. This inconsistency in quality can be disappointing for customers who expect excellent bagels, especially considering the reputation of New Jersey bagels. 5. Disrespectful Service: Another negative comment highlights disrespectful service and rude behavior from the staff. The customer felt mistreated, as the employees did not address their concerns and even spoke negatively about the situation to other customers. This lack of respect and professionalism can tarnish the reputation of Bakin Bagels and deter potential customers from visiting.
In conclusion, while Bakin Bagels receives praise for its delicious food, variety, and convenient location, it also faces significant weaknesses in terms of poor customer service, unsanitary conditions, inconsistent quality, and disrespectful behavior from staff. Addressing these weaknesses would greatly improve the overall customer experience and reputation of Bakin Bagels.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

This morning we had an everything bagel toasted with the garlic and herb cream cheese as well as a cinnamon raisin bagel with cinnamon walnut cream cheese. Both were fantastic.
This location has some great outdoor seating and is less than 100 yards fro the walkover for the beach. Great place to visit any time of year.
Bakin Bagels is a great spot to get your morning bagel, an amazing sandwich or a decent slice of pizza at the beach. There are actually a few of them near the beach.
Honestly I would give negative stars if it was possible. Please listen to these horrible reviews and do NOT go here. I called in a order for two bagel sandwiches, nothing complicated at all. 30 minutes after ordering over the phone we went to pick it up and they told us we must have called the wrong store because they didn’t have our order. After showing them our call history and it was the correct number/location, they said they would rush the order and it would be out right away. We ended up waiting an additional 30 minutes at least and our food still wasn’t ready. They kept saying “two more minutes it’s almost done” lmfaoooo it should have been done an hour+ ago when we called originally. That’s not even the worst part. The young guy at the counter was drenched in sweat, lifted his entire shirt up and wiped sweat off of his neck and face and then proceeded to touch bagels with his bare hands. No gloves in sight being worn by any of the staff. So unsanitary and absolutely disgusting. Someone is going to end up getting seriously ill from this place and it’s honestly so concerning that they are still in business. We ended up just walking out without our food because it wasn’t worth possibly getting violently sick from the nasty conditions. No one there knew what was going on and they kept messing up every single order. DO NOT GO HERE
Best bagels on the shore! Really good sandwiches as well. Quick service & friendly staff.
Worst bagel experience I’ve ever had in NJ. Lived here 30 years. $35 for 3 breakfast sandwiches & a Snapple. We were the only ones in the shop still waited 15 mins. Incompetent, rude, and overall garbage. Google made me put one star or else they wouldn’t have even gotten that.
delicious bagels & breakfast sandwiches- everything you need especially for a large group
The vacation was only so long. We had bagles just one morning. Still warm & GOOD. I did stop on my way out of town & got 12 to take home w/ me. The bagles freeze good to keep the fresh.
Really disrespectful service. Potentially one of the worst bagels I have ever had :( I live in Jersey so I know shore bagels are GOOD and these were thin and not crispy on the outside or fluffy on the inside and overdone. They unfortunately messed up my order and yes they fixed it, but completed MANY other orders first. My friend wanted scallion cream cheese and while they claim that is what she was given, the cream cheese looked absolutely plain. The young/early teenage employees were rude to us when we mentioned this and even talked about the situation negatively to other customers. We did not raise our voices, we remained calm, and wanted to share our discoveries and were met with coarse and ignorant responses. I know I should not expect Hampton service in Seaside, but I did not even feel I was being treated like a human being! So unfortunate :( Don’t go here if you want to be respected or have a half decent bagel!
For bfast at the shore, it's pretty good! Skip the coffee, though! And check expiration dates on your canned or bottled bevs!

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