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Areedo Barbershop

+1 210-276-0657
7271 Wurzbach Rd #117, San Antonio, TX 78240 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 08:30 PM


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Appointments recommended

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Just moved here from NYC. The worst hair cut ever. If you're ever in doubt about this review just go and try this barber shop. I had leave this place straight to another barber shop so they could fix the disaster of a hair cut that dude gave me. My brother in law recommended this place to me. Let's just say he paid the 40 dollars plus the 30 to get it fixed. They charge separately. A hair cut suppose to come with the beard trim and shape up. Nope everything's xharged separately. I will never recommend this place to my enemies
The detail my barber put into my haircut was so noteworthy I wouldn't be writing this review otherwise. Phenomenal wait time despite me having no appointment previously set. Sat down and my barber asked what I wanted to do and got to work with precision immediately. Easily one of the BEST haircuts I've gotten in quite a while.
Finally! Almost all of SA barbershops are overpriced for no reason and have all these “massages” that I don’t want. I just want a haircut! I have been in SA for a year now and this place is it for me! Place looks run down but they go straight to business. You may get weird looks if you are not halal but they do a good job. I always go to the young guy instead of these seniors. Overall, I recommend the young guy. Idk about the seniors. Will keep coming back.
It’s hit or mis. I been here 4 times. Last time I should have waited for the barber I use last time. Only got a bread trim it was horrible. He cut to much off and it was uneven and he told me that it look ok to him. Don’t know his name younger guy with a beard. Oddly I have better experience with barber here who don’t have beards. He blew his nose and wipe his nose with his fingers and proceeded to continue with me without sanitizing his hands and putting them on my face. If I ever go back I’ll wait hours before I let him touch my beard again
This place is so Fast. I love bringing my boys here because they do not take long whatsoever. The wait is never long. They r always pretty busy & they are open 7 days a week!
Never a long wait, always a good price, and always a good cut.
I used to go to diesel barber shop until I found this hidden gem. Now I get the same type of quality service for a better price.
Been going here ever since.
You can trust them with your hair and your beard. ;)
Excellent haircut. Came here for the first time recently. I usually get a zero or subzero on the sides, and these guys did not disappoint, getting the sides of my head baby smooth with a straight razor. The only thing that got me was they're cash only, but that's not a big deal considering the quality of the cut.
Update: Took our 1.5 year old son in for a haircut, and they were phenomenal with him. Can't say enough good things about everyone here. Absolutely recommend
Very good cuts for an inexpensive price. Cash only but 100% worth it! Very friendly people who do an amazing job.

Quick Facts About Areedo Barbershop

Areedo Barbershop has received mixed reviews from customers. Some praise the barbershop for its outstanding haircuts, short wait times, and reasonable prices, while others criticize it for poor haircuts, separate charges for different services, unprofessional behavior, and unhygienic practices. In order to provide a comprehensive analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of Areedo Barbershop, we will examine the various comments and assess their impact on the overall customer experience.
Starting with the positive feedback, several customers express their satisfaction with the quality of haircuts at Areedo Barbershop. One customer mentions that their barber put a lot of detail and precision into their haircut, making it one of the best they have had in a while. Another customer appreciates the fast service and short wait times, particularly when bringing their children for haircuts. This efficiency and convenience contribute to a positive customer experience and make Areedo Barbershop an appealing choice for those seeking quick and well-executed haircuts.
Moreover, the affordable prices at this barbershop are frequently mentioned as a strength. Customers appreciate the reasonable costs, especially in comparison to other nearby establishments. One individual states that Areedo Barbershop offers the same quality service as another well-known barbershop at a better price. This affordability is likely to attract budget-conscious individuals looking for good value for their money.
On the downside, numerous negative comments are made about the quality of haircuts provided at Areedo Barbershop. One customer describes their haircut as the worst they have ever had and had to go to another barber shop immediately to fix the disaster. Another complains about a beard trim being uneven and the barber refusing to rectify the mistake. These comments reflect a lack of consistency in the barbers' skills and suggest a need for improved training or stricter quality control measures.
Another common issue raised is the separate charges for different services. Several customers mention that they were surprised to find that haircuts, beard trims, and shape-ups were all charged separately, contrary to what they expected. This can lead to confusion and frustration among customers who are accustomed to all-inclusive prices at other establishments.
Furthermore, unprofessional and unhygienic behavior by some barbers is also mentioned in negative comments. One customer reports that a barber blew his nose and wiped his nose with his fingers before continuing with the haircut without sanitizing his hands. Such practices violate basic hygiene standards and may make customers uncomfortable during their visit.
Although Areedo Barbershop has its strengths, such as fast service, reasonable prices, and positive experiences with certain barbers, there are clear weaknesses that need to be addressed. Consistency in the quality of haircuts and a focus on ensuring customer satisfaction should be a priority for the barbershop. Moreover, implementing transparent pricing policies and emphasizing proper hygiene practices would contribute to a more positive customer experience.
In conclusion, Areedo Barbershop has its strengths and weaknesses. While some customers praise the barbershop for its efficient service, reasonable prices, and quality haircuts, others criticize it for poor haircuts, separate charges for services, and unprofessional behavior. A careful evaluation of these comments reveals areas in which the barbershop can improve, such as maintaining consistent haircut quality, implementing transparent pricing policies, and ensuring proper hygiene practices. By addressing these weaknesses, Areedo Barbershop can enhance its reputation and provide a better overall experience for its customers.

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