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Quick Facts About AQUA NAILS SPA

AQUA NAILS SPA has a mix of positive and negative comments from customers. In order to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the place, let's break down the comments and evaluate the various aspects mentioned.
Starting with the strengths of AQUA NAILS SPA, several customers mentioned that they had a positive experience and were satisfied with the service they received. One customer specifically mentioned that Cindy, a nail technician at the spa, always does a wonderful job and that their nails are nice and smooth, lasting a long time. This indicates that the spa has skilled technicians who can provide quality service.
Additionally, another customer mentioned that everyone at the spa was really nice, which suggests that the staff is friendly and creates a welcoming environment for customers. This is an important strength as it enhances the overall experience for customers.
The positive comments also indicate that customers believe they are getting value for their money. One customer mentioned that they wouldn't go anywhere else and another recommended the spa to others, emphasizing that they get what they pay for. This suggests that customers feel that the prices at AQUA NAILS SPA are reasonable for the services provided, which is an important aspect of customer satisfaction.
However, several weaknesses have also been mentioned by customers. Firstly, the speed and lack of attention to detail during the nail services are a recurring complaint. Multiple customers mentioned that their nails were done in a rush, without asking for their preferences regarding shape, length, or overall satisfaction. This indicates a lack of personalization, which can be a turn-off for customers seeking tailored nail services.
The quality of the services provided is also a major weakness mentioned by some customers. Complaints about nails chipping or polish coming off shortly after the service indicates that there might be a lack of durability or proper techniques being used during the nail application process. This reflects poorly on the skills and expertise of the technicians at the spa.
Another major complaint is about the customer service provided. Customers mentioned instances where they felt rushed, ignored, or dismissed by the staff. One customer specifically mentioned that they were told to pay immediately without any explanation about the price discrepancy, which is indicative of poor communication and customer service.
Furthermore, cleanliness is an issue raised by one customer. They mentioned that the place was dirty, including the chairs in the waiting room. This is concerning as cleanliness is an important aspect of any spa or salon.
In conclusion, AQUA NAILS SPA has strengths in terms of skilled technicians, positive customer experiences, friendly staff, and perceived value for money. However, there are significant weaknesses in terms of rushed and impersonal service, poor quality and durability of the nail services, lack of attention to detail, subpar customer service, and cleanliness issues. These weaknesses need to be addressed in order for AQUA NAILS SPA to improve and retain customers.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

wait wasn’t terrible… i’ve been here many times before and never had a problem but today was totally different. the lady doing my nails seemed in such a rush… didn’t ask if i liked the shape/length…after the application of the acrylic was all said and done i could feel my nails were still flimsy like there wasn’t enough acrylic. didn’t have me wash my hands before polishing them so there is plenty of nail dust under the polish so it’s very dumpy. also crooked nails… didn’t ask if i liked them just told me to wash my hands after she was done pay after. very dissatisfied.
Love getting my nails done here! Cindy is amazing! She always does a wonderful job! My nails are nice and smooth and they last a long time. I wouldn’t go anywhere else! I would highly recommend going here, you get what you pay for!
Everyone was really nice, however the quality was poor. Had a gel manicure and pedicure done on my daughter. Before we even got home her nails were chipping. Went back the next day and they fixed three of her nails. A week later every nail is either chipped or the nail polish came completely off.
Will not be back, I sat down to get a pedicure and was told the one I wanted was not available and only the expensive ones were. At that point I should have walked out but I am 9 months pregnant and really wanted a pedicure so I can just relax for a little bit. The pedicure went extremely fast and the lady was not even paying attention, the amount of effort that was put into my pedicure was worth $20 not $50. As soon as she finished she said “ pay me now” so I give her my card and she brings back the receipt and I say I thought the price was 50 not 55 and she says you live in Ohio right, you pay taxes and walks off. I have never had such poor customer service and will not be back. Very upsetting I waisted my money here. Also my pedicure was poorly done.
It was 25$ to change my toe nail polish so I don't think that was correct. My gel polish was 35$ and not even 24th a later is coming off. He said it was an extra 5$ because I paid with cash. That doesn't seem right either. The place was dirty, even the chairs in the waiting room we're gross.
One I paid a 116.00 and they only stay on for two days mean while she said they was to long the reason why they was breaking and I never wear short nails at all so this really ain’t a good place to get them done she will never get my money again let me show u my nails now and these are they same length and they ain’t broke lifted or nothing so u tell me the problem
I went 6, days ago and now have a broken nail.and the guy did a bad polish job! My nails never break!! I might not go back!!$66
I went yesterday and Courtney gave me a gel pedicure and regular manicure. Outstanding work, pleasant to talk. I would definitely recommend

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