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I've been coming here for over two years. Amazing service. Recently I had major hand surgery and was really nervous about getting my first manicure. I explained everything to the manager and she said she would get me the best person for my nails. Lucy was amazing. I have very little range of motion with my left pinky and she was very patient. I love the design. I'll be back to see Lucy in two weeks. Thank you.
Really nice ambiance and staff. Just something about my nails…they don’t last. Feel a little rushed and hurry hurry when I come, but they are kind. Grant it , it’s gel nail polish, but it’s two days later after wearing gloves to save them. They were kind to fix. Must be less than five days for them to repair. Ion know…lots of thing different after pandemic ????????‍♀️ gotta get my own light and polish I guess
My first two experiences with Kim were amazing. She took her time and my nails lasted 3 weeks or more. Kim went on maternity leave and I asked for a recommendation for someone that would be as good. Jackie (mgr) made my appt with Kelly. Kelly did my nails on a Friday and by Saturday my nails were snagging on clothes, my polish was chipping and my nails just looked like I had on Lee Press On nails. I get basic square nails, nothing fancy. Kelly didn’t even take the time to shape my nails. They were wide and the edges were jagged and the polish looked thick and just like she plopped it on and didn’t bother applying it evenly or even caring if the gel polish dried properly. I spoke with Jackie (mgr) and Nicky and was advised to return and it would be fixed. I returned on Monday and Steven did fix the polish on my nails. He did a good job but by Tuesday the corners of my nails were shipping AGAIN. I live a distance from the shop and work a challenging job M-F and thus had no desire to return to have my nails done for a third time in one week. I called and spoke with jackie and was offered a mere $10 off of my next service. Let me add that I bring my daughter to the shop with me faithfully every two weeks and spend over $200 each time. $10 is insulting! Kelly then lied to Jackie and said that she had recommended that I soak off when I was there the first time on Friday. That was a complete lie and I was even more insulted that she would do that after I had been back there twice. So now you come up with such? I will not be back and that’s too bad because I really liked Kim and the ambiance, but poor performance turning into bad customer service and to add insult to injury, that turns until a lie??? Spend your time and money wisely. Below is a pic taken on Wednesday morning after my second visit on Monday . Don’t visit this nail shop.
This place looks nice on the inside but staff. This was not my first time at this place I got a pedicure the look fairly decent so I decided to come back and get my nails done. The lady doing my nails didn't even allow me to wash my hands after she put the gel on them. She didn't even file down underneath my nails. I paid and was disappointed asked for the manager and she asked me did I already pay and i yes. She tried to give me a 20% off my next time and I told her I will not be coming back. My mom got a pedicure and the cracked her toenail and put gel on top of it. This place is the worst I would recommend it to anyone. Soooo BEWARE.. I am taking these hot mess nails off tonight. I don't not recommend ANYONE who cares what they nails look like to go here. Don't waste you time. I have reviewed this place on every review platform they are on.
I’ve had some good experiences here but when I’ve had bad experiences they’ve really been awful. Last time I came in to see my preferred person for a gel pedicure, I was told I couldn’t make an appointment but she was taking walk ins. I drove over & got there about 20 minutes later, & she had already gone for the day!? I had just called! Since I was already there, I let someone else do my pedicure and she seemed rushed, which worried me. Then very next day, the gel started peeling…. Not just peeling up on the edges, I had three toes peeled completely up. I normally get anywhere from 2 to 3+ weeks out of a gel pedicure, it definitely should not start peeling right away! I went back in on Sunday to have it touched up, and they said it would be $25 for a gel polish change…. I just paid $50 for this pedicure less than 48 hours ago. I have been coming here a long time and was really disappointed with the customer service and the pedicure, I also caught major attitude from the girl at the front desk basically saying “not out problem”. Shows that they don’t value their customers at all, which is surprising because there’s so many nail salons in Atlanta to choose from! I’ll be looking for a new nail salon, this is just ridiculous…
Great job every single time! I see Kim for my nails (SNS) and Jessica for my toes. I get everything from short natural nails to long with designs. I moved 30 mins away and still come here every 2 weeks faithfully! Update: I recently saw Amy for my nails and she did a fantastic job as well.
I have been going to this nail salon since 2018. Over the years nail techs come and go but when it comes to manicures/nails I’ve always had a great experience. Everyone is very kind and have reasonable prices.
I have come here for years to get various services. The lady that serviced me was kind however she wanted to file down one coat after applying it very sloppily. I asked her if she could fix it and she did try to however the resolution for applying another coat then a top coat (after 2 coats off gel polish) is not acceptable. She was rushing my nails which shouldn’t have been rushed. Upon further checking she left some of my previous color underneath a few of my nails and I asked if that could also be fixed. During this time I was told that it would be and it wasn’t. I came here to feel relaxed and get a pedicure. It is unfortunate. A lot of time when removing gel they don’t allow it to properly soak anymore and want to rush by filing. I had already asked her to soak my nails several times and she preceded to continue filing them. I didn’t want my nails to get too then from all the filing and excessive drilling. It is highly unlikely that I won’t return.

Quick Facts About Allure spa nails bar

Allure Spa Nails Bar has received both positive and negative comments from customers. In order to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the business, we will analyze the comments provided.
Starting with the strengths, it is evident that Allure Spa Nails Bar has a strong team of employees who provide excellent service. One customer mentioned that they have been coming to the salon for over two years and have always received amazing service. The manager even went above and beyond to ensure that the customer with hand surgery was paired with the best technician for their needs. This demonstrates that the staff members are attentive, understanding, and skilled in their work.
In addition to the quality of service, customers also appreciate the ambiance of the salon. Multiple comments mention that the place has a nice atmosphere, which adds to the overall experience. This suggests that the salon has put effort into creating a comfortable and visually appealing environment.
It is also worth noting that some customers have had positive experiences with specific technicians. These technicians, such as Kim and Lucy, are commended for their attention to detail and ability to make the customer's nails last for several weeks. This indicates that Allure Spa Nails Bar employs skilled and experienced professionals who can meet the expectations of customers.
On the other hand, several weaknesses have been identified through customer feedback. One common complaint is regarding the longevity of the nail polish. Some customers have mentioned that their gel polish starts to chip or peel after just a few days, despite taking precautions to protect their nails. This suggests that there may be some issues with product quality or application techniques. The salon should address this issue to ensure customer satisfaction and potentially explore using different products or training techniques.
Another weakness highlighted by customers is the feeling of being rushed during appointments. One customer mentioned feeling a sense of hurry and noticed that the technician did not take the time to properly shape their nails. This indicates a lack of attention to detail and suggests that the salon may prioritize speed over quality. Addressing this issue by ensuring adequate time is given to each customer could greatly improve customer satisfaction.
Some comments also reference poor customer service when issues arise. Customers have mentioned instances where their nails were not up to par, and when they approached the manager, they were offered minimal compensation. This indicates that the salon may not have a strong system in place for addressing customer complaints and providing appropriate solutions. Improving customer service in these situations is crucial for maintaining customer loyalty and satisfaction.
Lastly, there have been complaints regarding the cleanliness and hygiene practices at the salon. One customer mentioned that the technician did not allow them to wash their hands before applying gel, and another mentioned that they noticed previous color residue under their nails. These incidents raise concerns about the salon's adherence to proper sanitation and hygiene practices, which is essential in any spa or salon environment.
In conclusion, Allure Spa Nails Bar has several strengths, including excellent customer service, a pleasant ambiance, and skilled technicians. However, there are also areas of improvement, such as ensuring long-lasting nail polish, avoiding rushing through appointments, addressing customer complaints effectively, and maintaining proper cleanliness and hygiene standards. By addressing these weaknesses, the salon can enhance its reputation and provide an even better experience for customers.

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