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5Star Barbershop

+1 407-966-3063
12720 S Orange Blossom Trl, Orlando, FL 32837 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 07:00 PM


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Appointments recommended

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There's a guy that don't know what he's doing, i asked for a haircut and even showed him a picture told him the name of the haircut but he didn't do anything the only thing he did was a little fade. Really bad way to lose 30$
I was due for the haircut, but my current hairstylist was temporarily out of town, I looked up nearby place and 5star barbershop had great reviews. So I just wanted a normal haircut, absolutely nothing too complicated.
To get to the point, THE WORST HAIRCUT in my life. Lack of communication in English, OVERPRICED for extremely poor quality of work, unprofessional service to solve problems.
When I told him that he cut my hair so unevenly and it looks bad, can he fix it, I was told that I would have to pay extra as if it were another haircut. Wait?! What?!
Shocked and in disbelief that this place is actually in my Hunter’s Creek neighborhood….I paid, I left, and I will not recommend this place to anyone. Stay away, the place is a joke.
I just want a cut, they close at 7, I went there at 5:30 they told me they were closing, I guess they didn't wanted to attend to me, I was paying plus tip.
I scheduled an appointment on Booksy. I arrived 10 minutes early. Upon arriving, I was promptly greeted. I informed them that my appointment was with Wesley. After being acknowledged, I waited a few minutes. Wesley was friendly, prompt and attentive to detail. While I waited for my son to be done, I observed the business was very clean and well kept. They have a sign in sheet for walk-ins but appointments are taken first. This was my first time taking my son to this barber shop and we will be returning. Our next appointment for my younger child is with Junior, I will update the experience.
Truly a 5 star service. I've been to many barbers in different states, from Houston, TX, to literally all over Florida ( Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, Ocala ect.) And this is were you want to go! Wesley, took care of me and focused on details that most barbers just naturally overlook because it becomes a job for them. Not here tho. This is prestige
My man Juan really did his thing. I’m down here visiting and I’m a barber as well. And I’m extremely picky about my hair. And he listened to every single detail I said and executed it with precision and as well as with urgency. Didn’t sit there too long. I got a facial and a haircut and it took no more then 45 min. He’s very detailed oriented like my self and I appreciate that. Had great conversation and felt very very comfortable, not only in his chair but the shop as well. It’s a great environment and I’m extremely impressed. Highly recommended from a fellow barber!
Waited there while some that did not have an appointment were seen before us. Must be regulars, if they're too busy to take walk ins they should let the customer know. If they prefer to take regular customers over building new relationships to generate more business then they need to let customers know as well. ALSO, there is a $2 additional fee to use a credit card.
As of right now this location gets a 2 star rating. Sat down for about an hour, yes I signed in. I understand barbers might have bookings but not everyone I seen get taking care of after I’ve been sitting there had an appointment. I’m more than positive about that. The shop is a nice shop overall. Very well maintained. They ply music but not loud like other shops which was good. I will return one more time and hopefully I can change this review. But as of right now they only get 2 stars as I didn’t get my haircut here.

Quick Facts About 5Star Barbershop

5Star Barbershop is a barbershop located in Hunter's Creek neighborhood. Based on the comments provided, the strengths and weaknesses of the barbershop can be analyzed.
One weakness highlighted by a customer is the lack of skill and communication of one of the barbers. The customer specified the haircut they wanted, showed a picture, and provided the name of the haircut, but the barber did not fulfill the customer's request and only performed a fade. This shows a lack of expertise and attention to detail, resulting in a dissatisfied customer.
Another weakness mentioned is the overpricing and poor quality of work offered at the barbershop. The customer mentioned that they received the worst haircut of their life. Additionally, when they asked the barber to fix the uneven haircut, they were told that they would have to pay extra as if it were another haircut. This demonstrates a lack of professionalism and customer service.
The barbershop also received negative feedback regarding its closing time. One customer arrived at 5:30 PM, but was told that the barbershop was closing and they couldn't be attended to. This indicates a lack of consideration for customers and a potential unwillingness to serve clients towards the end of the business hours.
On the other hand, there are also strengths mentioned by customers. One positive comment highlights the cleanliness and well-maintained nature of the barbershop. The customer noticed that the shop was very clean and well-kept. A clean and organized environment can enhance the customer experience and create a positive impression.
Another strength identified by a customer is the friendliness and attentiveness of a barber named Wesley. The customer scheduled an appointment with Wesley and praised his promptness, attention to detail, and friendly demeanor. This shows that some barbers within 5Star Barbershop provide excellent service and expertise.
Additionally, the barbershop received positive feedback from a customer who considered the service to be truly 5-star. They mentioned that they have been to many barbershops in different states but found 5Star Barbershop to be the best. This positive review indicates that the barbershop has the potential to provide high-quality service and satisfy customers.
However, the barbershop also faced criticism for prioritizing regular customers over walk-ins. A customer mentioned that they observed people without appointments being served before them. This implies that the barbershop may prioritize regular customers instead of building new relationships with walk-ins. This practice could potentially hinder their ability to attract and retain new customers.
Another weakness mentioned by a customer is the additional fee for using a credit card. The customer expressed dissatisfaction with the $2 additional fee, suggesting that the barbershop's payment policies may not be customer-friendly.
In conclusion, 5Star Barbershop has both strengths and weaknesses. Some of the strengths include a clean and well-maintained environment, friendly and attentive barbers, and positive reviews from satisfied customers. However, weaknesses such as a lack of skill and communication, overpricing, limited availability towards closing time, and potential preferential treatment for regular customers were also mentioned. These weaknesses could potentially hinder customer satisfaction and the growth of the barbershop's customer base.

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