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Quick Facts About #1 Nails

1. Fast and efficient service: The first comment highlights the speed and efficiency of #1 Nails place when it comes to doing nails. This is a strength as it shows that customers can expect prompt service and not have to spend a lot of time waiting.
2. Friendly and humorous owners: The first comment also mentions that the owners of #1 Nails place are kind, caring, and always make the customer laugh. This strength indicates that the owners create a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere for customers, making their visit a pleasant experience.
3. Easy booking and rescheduling: The first comment states that booking appointments and rescheduling at #1 Nails place is effortless. This is a strength as it implies that the salon has a streamlined system in place to handle appointments, ensuring convenience for its customers.
4. Clean and professional: One comment mentions that #1 Nails place is clean and the workers are professional. This is significant as cleanliness is crucial in a nail salon to ensure the safety and wellbeing of customers. A professional environment also contributes to a positive overall experience.
5. Consistent quality: One comment notes that a particular nail technician named Van is consistent in delivering quality service. This is a strength as it indicates that the salon has skilled and dependable staff members who consistently meet customer expectations.
6. Reasonable prices: The last comment states that #1 Nails place offers reasonable prices. This is advantageous as it suggests that customers can enjoy quality nail services without having to break the bank.
1. Rude and unprofessional behavior: The second comment highlights an instance of rude and unprofessional behavior from the owner. This is a significant weakness as it shows a lack of professionalism and customer service, which can lead to a negative experience for customers.
2. Inconsistent operating hours: The third comment mentions a discrepancy between the advertised closing time and the actual closing time of #1 Nails place. This is a weakness as it indicates a lack of updated information and inconsistency in the salon's operations, potentially inconveniencing customers.
3. Refusal to provide service: The fourth comment describes an incident where a customer was denied a service due to the salon's perceived busyness. This is a weakness as it demonstrates a lack of flexibility and customer-centric approach, potentially discouraging customers from returning or recommending the salon.
4. Rude and disrespectful staff: The fifth comment recounts an experience with a rude nail technician who provided poor customer service. This is a weakness as it signifies a lack of professionalism and undermines the salon's reputation.
Overall, #1 Nails place has strengths such as fast and efficient service, friendly and humorous owners, easy booking and rescheduling, cleanliness, consistent quality, and reasonable prices. However, it also has weaknesses including rude and unprofessional behavior, inconsistent operating hours, refusal to provide service, and rude and disrespectful staff.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Absolutely love this place, I refuse to go elsewhere! Not only are they fast & efficient when it comes to my nails but the owners are kind, caring and are always making me laugh. Booking appointments is also just as easy as rescheduling.
If I could give more than 5 stars I would!
If I could give less than 1 star I would for this business. Extremely rude and unprofessional with the owner picking and choosing which customers they actually feel like giving an appointment to. I watched numerous nail techs leave this place and couldn’t figure out why until I learned for myself. They literally reached out to me to make an appointment and after I changed my entire day around it, the owner texted saying Oops just kidding we don’t actually have an appointment. Very upsetting that they could treat customers this way. Please don’t go here!
I can do zero!!!! The guy that work in the front desk he was rude when I got there he said we close on disrespectful way,I got there at 6:15 pm when I searched to see what time they close on Saturday it says 7 pm you guys need to update your schedule. And your disrespectful mouth need to change your attitude, need to be respectful & good attitude to customers.
If I could do zero stars I would. Arrived at 9:32am. There were only two customers. One getting a pedicure and another doing a manicure.
I only needed my acrylics removed for work purposes. And the lady was rude gave me an attitude. Stated they were way too busy to remove the nails.
Shameful. First time and last time going there.
There are the best nail technician I ever had and the most kind people clean and professional recommend it I give them a Five Star Plus
My mother and I went tonight for pedicures.
The place was spotless and the workers were so welcoming. They did a phenomenal job on our feet. We definitely enjoyed ourselves and will be back!
I’ve never had a nail tech who has put so much time into my nails Lela truly cares about not just overall look but also the durability!! I normally get very long nails and w other salons after a week I have lifting or breaking I could last a month without getting them done and still have people telling me how stunning my nails are!!!!Genuinely every time I go I keep saying “ this one is definitely my favorite set” because every time I walk out I am overjoyed
Van is wonderful. I have been a customer for over two years and she is so consistent. Everyone compliments my nails and asks “Where do you go?’ Their prices are reasonable and the atmosphere is relaxing. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

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